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    Christmas Carol Thread

    Ok... so i know its a little early, but im pretty pumped for Christmas. I figured, why not try to spread a little bit of holiday spirit, by asking you all, whats your favorite Christmas song or carol? List away my friends! -Hugo Carol of the bells
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    Canada considers purchase of used US Army Chinooks

    Cool. Thanks for the information.
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    Canada considers purchase of used US Army Chinooks

    OK... I'm no helicopter expert, and I'm just poking around for some information. I was just wondering if the chinooks are still being produced new? Second of all, i was wondering if the chinook has an armourments? I have seen a picture of a 50 caliber mounted in the back, but that was all. Thank...
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    Canadian Army music video

    You can find their home page by just googleing JTF2 :D
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    Canadian Army music video

    Yeah man that was cool. Im looking forward to seeing the whole thing when its done. Should be quite the bang at the end  ;D
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    CFAT Tomorrow

    Good nights sleep is a big one. Try not to be falling asleep on your computer screen in the morning, and providing you should be fine! Good luck Hugo Hodgett
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    BMQ OCT3rd to DEC16th <-----Who's Attending?

    Im hoping my call comes really soon... these 4 weeks have been killing me since i sent my medical to Ottowa... If i do get to go it would be to CFB Aldershot... just outside Halifax... about a 40 minute drive:D... no plane flight for me! :salute:
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    yarmouth artillery

    Waiting for word from the MED guys in Ottowa at the moment... hoping it comes back all clear and soon  :salute:
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    yarmouth artillery

    Thanks for the info... thatll be a nice break from BMQ in the middle of the week hopefully!
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    Colt Defense purchases Diemaco

    I didnt like to think of Diemaco as an American owned company, but in the end if the Triad dissapears ill be happy... so what can i say besides we shall have to sit back and wait to see what happeneds! :salute:
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    Where to buy a C-7 (AR-15...)???

    Its a movie...youd have to watch to understand :D :salute:
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    Coolest shows on tv.

    I find the daily show is always good for a laugh... Jon Stewart and his many changing faces!  :blotto:
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    American Or canadian Millitary, i could use some advice.

    More and more so haha... Atleast hes planning ahead!
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    Drivers Licence

    Thanks Delavan...apreciate that being cleared up
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    Drivers Licence

    Aparently if you take your drivers course it counts as basic driver training so you can get your liscense... or thats what the recruiter told me..