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    WO Wilson, Cpl. McLaren, Pte. Diplaros - 1 RCR - 05 Dec. 2008

    Hi everyone, I know this is a super old thread, but I found it after doing some googling the night before Remembrance Day and wanted to pass along a story about Mark. I’ve never met him but I put my poppy on his grave every year, and I plan to do the same tomorrow. I’m a former reservist from...
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    The Canadian Peacekeeping Myth (Merged Topics)

    I don't know Paul Larose-Edwards, but the article left out a lot of information. I worked for the Pearson Centre between 2007 and 2013 when they closed. First off, the Centre hadn't been based in Cornwallis for a number of years. They originally opened there in 1994 roughly after CFB...
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    Mess Kit for Sale: Army Intelligence Officer

    Doeskin Army Mess Dress. Originally made for a Branch legend in Germany several millennia ago, and passed on to someone significantly less noteworthy (me). The jacket and pants been very well cared for, and the waistcoat is brand new. Captain's rank (the bars though, which I understand is passe...
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    CANFORGEN on Pay and PIL

    Because that's never happened before with a project...
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    CANFORGEN on Pay and PIL

    Just spoke with the cell supposedly handling severance pay for released members. I released in January of this year. My file was audited and sent to them on 22 July. The clerk I spoke with informed me that they are currently processing files for members who released in July...of 2012. It could...
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    Property for Sale - 1.5 Storey in Dartmouth, NS

    Never thought I'd post a house on here but.... http://www.realtor.ca/propertyDetails.aspx?propertyId=12885399&PidKey=621770664 Older home but in great condition. Motivated seller! Happy to answer any questions, but viewings can be booked though my Realtor...
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    Minimalist PT Shoes (Vibram FF, Merrell Gloves, etc) for BMOQ

    I've tried both...go for the laceups. They're much easier to put on, and you can tailor the fit a lot better.
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    arctic candle holder

    If you PM me your address I'll mail you one this weekend. I did a stint up at CFNA years ago and wound up with a couple.
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    When I started my 'drinking career' many moons ago (with you, in fact :salute:) I had to mix it with coke. I found it pretty harsh otherwise, and went years without drinking it at all. I started drinking whiskey to the point where I could develop some sense of taste for it awhile later...
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    Intelligence Officer / Operator

    This is a bit of a bump, but just to get this out there to Reserve folks, if you really want to be successful as an Int Op/Int O in the CF, do yourself (and the Branch) a favour and get a few years in another trade first. The combat arms is preferable, but anything is better than nothing...just...
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    Getting separated need help with paperwork?

    Fair enough. I just quickly Googled this site (http://www.common-law-separation-canada.com/common-law-separation-Canada.htm) and got a bit more info...I didn't know that if you were Common Law the separation period didn't apply. That's a good thing...being 'separated' can sometimes be a bit of a...
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    Good call...the distance learning modules are a little frustrating to hammer through, but you can do it all from home and are pretty simple (CTL-C, CTL-V, CTL-F is going to be your friend).
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    Getting separated need help with paperwork?

    Best of luck to you. I separated from my ex about this time last year. I don't think there's too much I can add here that hasn't already been said (probably the best place you could ever go to ask about divorce advice is to ask a bunch of military folks). I will say this...I don't know how...
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    Repairing a knife tip

    Grimaldus, You'd have to do a hell of a lot damage to a blade to completely ruin it. Any pics? Worst case scenario you may have to reprofile it, but the tomahawk has a straight blade, so it shouldn't be too hard. If you want to do it yourself, you'll have to invest in some good sharpening...
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    Wearing an Ancestor's Medals Mega-thread

    Thanks for merging my post in with the others. I didn't see that Moe posted the same article at about the same time I did. I'll check more closely before I post next time. Cheers!