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CF cellphone plan

My wife has become very adept at dealing with Rogers.  We have a bunch of things bundled with them (smart phones, home phone, cable).  All she did last time was call them and say we wanted to pay less (while hinting that we were looking at changing providers).  They were very quick to find a way to reduce our bill by $50/mo.  I should point out that this was in addition to the 15% discount we were already getting for bundling services.

The moral of the story is if you want something, ask.  The worst they can do is say no, but they might say yes.
Anyone with a mobile should, every now and then, call your service provider and have them check into your plan. My wife saved 50 bucks a month and had some things thrown in for free with a call. I saved 65. More and more mobile companies popping up (Wind comes to mind) is only going to help more. Hope that the big boys don't buy out the next spectrum auction and keep a strange hold on things and it will get better still.
Scott said:
Anyone with a mobile should, every now and then, call your service provider and have them check into your plan.

Unless you're with Telus, then it's a waste of time :mad: I've been with Telus for almost 7 years and never had a late payment. They've never given me any "customer loyalty" perks which they seem to give to people who complain a lot. My contract is up and my phone is unlocked, so I can switch companies at ease. I told them I'd sign a new 3-year contract if they gave me the free phone (everyone gets that for a 3-year contract) and $10/month worth of free long-distance minutes (which costs them nothing). They said no.

I was excited when I got my phone unlocked and could tell Telus to pound sand while I switched to Koodo... then I found out Telus owns Koodo. *curse words*
I got Wind Mobile last year, and I got unlimited talk/text plus facebook for $25 a month. I didn't realize that promotional plan only last for a year, and when I was slapped with a $45 a month bill, I was mad. Called to complain, and was told to switch to a $29 unlimited talk/text/data plan. I thought about switching to Koodo or something else, but realized that Wind was still the cheapest around for decent phone service, so I switched plans and got a smartphone on a tab, which I don't think is too bad for a starving student like me.

I think Wind Mobile is a good choice if you live in one of the coverage areas, they have relatively cheap plans and nice phones, just that your coverage area might be a bit restricted.
I'm with Telus and have never had too big a problem...prvided I hold them accountable and plan to spend a few minutes a month on the phone with them pointing certain things out.

I haven't tested their "new" new phone plan out yet, and likely won't for the foreseeable future, because it looks like bunk.

9er is with Bell and seems to get more breaks but them's the breaks, I guess. I am happy with the service and how they right their wrongs. Wife did have an issue when she flew to the Uk to meet me over Xmas...her "international" phone, which she had just confirmed would work over there, did not register on the local systems. This used to happen to me a lot but hasn't since I got some things straightened out.

Like I said, it does take me some emails or phone calls to sort things out, but it has pretty much always come out to my satisfaction