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    Traffic Technician ( merged )

    Pistos, You are right.  The Cold Lake AMS is a very busy place.  I have been through there quite a lot with the J model in the last year. Good work by the way. Nickanick, I wouldn't say it on here if it wasn't true.  The smaller Bases/Wings/Units do not always deploy as much as the Air Mov...
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    Traffic Technician ( merged )

    If you really want to be a Loadmaster then you are definitely going to want to check out our trade.  This is a great time for the younger folks in our trade to go flying.  Up until recently you needed to be a senior MCpl to be nominated for a flying position, but with the new airframes popping...
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    Former SSF Members (Petawawa) 1977-1995

    2 Svc Bn  1990-95
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    Traffic Technician ( merged )

    I have been  a Tfc Tech for 21+ yrs now and I can honestly say that the trade is busier now than it has ever been! I can also say that I have done almost every aspect of the trade.  I have been flying on the herc for "years" now and am now flying on our newest aircraft,  The CC-130 J model.  If...
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    First Air Force loadmasters to qualify on C-130J graduate

    Mover1             What an awesome reply to a misinformed indivdual.  See you on the flightline buddy.
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    Cell phones at work or in school.

    I'm a Search and Rescue Loadmaster and all pers qualified to hold SAR at my Sqn have a personal standby duty cell phone.  They are the only link to activate SAR duty crews after normal working hours.  They are the "norm" at most SAR Sqn's these days. This is also our our way of keeping in touch...
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    BFT+Air Force deployment policy...I don't get it !!!!

    DirtyDog, I see that you don't want to be associated with the Airforce.  I suggest that you remember that we are all one service here in Canada.  I also see from your profile that you have a whole 1 1/2 years military experience (mostly spent in the trg system, I presume).  Yes, there are...
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    Advantages of having "semi-skilled" added to my file.

    Canuck, As far as becoming a traffic technician (Tfc Tech) your civvie qualifications are good, but will not do too much as far as advancing you in the trade in the initial phases.  You will still have to do the Tfc Tech QL3 course, etc.  Your work experience should be able to help you...
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    C-17 in Antartica

    Globesmasher, I've flown with you a couple of times on the Herc.  Us "Loadies" in the back trust you! People don't realize just how technical these approaches are, not just a "controled crash". Your post on this site are great.  Keep it up. Maybe I'll choose the CC-177 for my next tour! ...
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    What is your military status?

    AirForce MCPl.  3 yrs reserve Infantry, 18+ yrs reg.  CC-130 Hercules Loadmaster (SAR,TAT) Best job in the world.  Never a dull moment!
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    Ukraine Airliner helps locals Trenton, ON deal with their tall trees.... :)

    Army Vern, Yup, I happen to know the "Evil Vern" (TFC TECH) that you are talking about very well.  He's one of my best friends. And yes, he was along for the ride on the Antonov that crashed.
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    Ukraine Airliner helps locals Trenton, ON deal with their tall trees.... :)

    The one that crashed during Xmas '95 was an AN-124 (if I do remember correctly).  It was landing in heavy fog and landed long (way long).  I think it touched down somewhere around the 5000 ft. to go markers.  I watched her come in.  I was MAMS at the time waiting to offload it.  It was quite the...