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    Oh, it's still there!  No sign of it closing, either (despite the wet status of the area). :nod:
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    Alternative handgrip practice

    Squeezing a tennis ball helps too.
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    Ontario Election

    Kathleen Wynn is an MPP, and therefore was elected.  The Premier, like the Prime Minister, is never elected except as an MPP. That said, I have a feeling there will be an early election.  It is a minority government...
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    Queen's Diamond Jubilee Super Thread

    I like the idea of a bar on the QDJM for military issue.  I see a problem with this though: Let's take the no bar scenario:  Cpl Bloggins is awarded a QDJM from his local MP for his stellar work in the community (whatever it might be).  Let's say his CoC wants to award him one for being  the...
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    Did anyone say bacon? :D

    Recently tried bacon butterscotch cookies. Dee-lish!! :nod:
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    Did anyone say bacon? :D

    Baby's First Word is Bacon... http://en.video.canoe.tv/video/comedy/latest-viral-videos/1906868833/babys-first-word-is-bacon/1425948172001
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    GOD save Franz Herzog von Bayern new King of England and Scotland.

    Reviving an old thread here, but I think the original topic applies... Mods, if you disagree, please feel free to place where appropriate. I found this article today: http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/World/2011/10/28/18890976.html
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    GG Site lists all orders, decorations, precedence etc.

    And the other for the GG'[s site - Order of Precedence: http://www.gg.ca/document.aspx?id=71
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    Military Equivalent of 'Business Casual'?

    And for civi-side... http://www.dresscodeguide.com/
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    Honours & Awards (merged)

    FYI: A more complete order of precedence is found here: http://www.gg.ca/document.aspx?id=71
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    Ontario Award for Paramedic Bravery Act

    Here is a link to the official order of precedence.  Notice that provincial awards are included, but only near the end: http://www.gg.ca/document.aspx?id=71 The Ontario Police and Firefighters' bravery medals are included, and I think it likely that the Paramedic version will join them...
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    Can I realistically be a reservist?

    There are plenty of police officers that are also reservists!  I'm sure a search of this site will reveal more info. Shift work means you won't be able to make all training opportunities during your career, but that doesn't keep you from contributing to your unit, and having a rewarding career...
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    Questions about joining the Reserves

    arushbhai, Tor Scots are based in Etobicoke, but also have a presence in Mississauga. Those who live in Mississauga parade there, though usually only after finishing their infantry training.  Until then, it's Etobicoke (and wherever your courses take place).  Talk to the recruiter to get...