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    13 hours: the secret soldiers of Benghazi

    Read the book this week and enjoyed it as well, in particular the level of detail and technical descriptions. Planning to go and see the movie this weekend
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    Len Deighton book SS-GB being turned into 5 part mini series

    Cool! I need to re-read that book  :nod:
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    Chief of Land Staff positions for Reservists coming back from Afghanistan

    Also Infantry is full... I know a few people that have tried to CT, no dice.
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    Close Combat Vehicle: Canada to buy another AFV (& keeping LAV III & TLAV)

    The FME project is delivering more Leo2 ARVs.
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    WTS - Meindl Safari Desert Boots - 10.5

    Still available.
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    WTS: Duty/MOLLE Belts and Desert Boots

    CTOMS belt sold, everything else still available.
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    LOWA Urban Desert MPS boots?

    +1 on the LOWA Zephyr Deserts without GTX. Not quite as good as Keen Voyageur Mids IMHO but more uniform friendly. If you need a taller boot you might want to check out OTB boots, they have been getting good reviews.
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    Posting Policy-Restricted (IR) & Prohibited moves [MERGED]

    shhhh... I'm trying to pass myself off as an upstanding citizen  ;)
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    Posting Policy-Restricted (IR) & Prohibited moves [MERGED]

    I recommend something off Elgin street, lots of one bedroom apts around $800/mo. Very short walk to the transitway and busses to anywhere in the city. Being able to walk to the market, shopping, restaurants etc on a whim is fantastic.
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    Michael Yon on Canadians, Menard, (violating) OPSEC [merged]

    Was this the HW4 bridge over the river? If so there is an ANP checkpoint and guardhouse right at the south end of the bridge... so I guess you could say the ANSF had responsibility for its security, just like most of the other roads, bridges, culverts and checkpoints in KC... Yon needs to shut...
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    2010 Budget - Let the Hand Wringing Begin...

    I agree with both Edward's and Old Sweat's assessment. We see this protectionism in the CF as well, as anyone who has had involvement in the Strat Review can attest to. Offer up the unpalatable as your bottom 5% and hope the centre backs off...  ::) As a taxpayer I am hoping for the kind of...
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    Ady Gil Loses Bow to Japanese Whaling Vessel

    Well if the Minke population is around 665,074 like it says on the ref linked on wikipedia, and the Japanese are harvesting about 900 Minke's per year, then that would be a harvest of about 0.135% of the local Minke population, or between 1/10th and 2/10th of 1%. Now I'm no whale biologist like...
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    WTS: Duty/MOLLE Belts and Desert Boots

    Thinning out the gear pile. Pics are for reference, not actual items. Original SWAT Desert Boots - 10.5 Wide - Unworn - $100 Bates M9 Desert Assault Boots - 9.5 (fit like 10.5) - Unworn - $150 CTOMS.ca X-Belt QR - Lg 34-38" - Coyote Tan - Unworn - $85 ICE Tactical MOLLE Battle Belt -...
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    Moe, I'm not sure on this but I think amastermason is talking about the smock made by Drop Zone. I think they were one of the companies allowed to use the real deal.
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    09/10 Budget Impact on PRes - Unit stand-downs, Class B Freeze, and so on!

    Agreed. I only point it out to illustrate the bureaucratic complexity of DND. Almost 20 Level 1 Orgs. Madness.