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    CityNews Toronto "Invasion" Story

    Yes, or at least, they used to be. Hard rubber rifles with steel barrels and front sights. No-operational, of course, and full weight. I believe the thought was to save wear and tear on the real rifles for training activities like running obstacle courses etc..
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    Kingston STAR WARS planet location......

    Apparently this is a hoax.
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    Format of Memos

    I think I still have some at home. I found some blank ones in a box of old docs in the basement and kept them as a curiosity.. 
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    Pokemon GO

    There is a "Gym" right at the gate in Comox. I guess the old Voo-Doo is a pretty good landmark..
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    Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

    Best guess.. At the time 4 wheel drive systems were new yet fairly common. 8 wheel drive systems would have been very costly and tricky to engineer. I think they chose what they felt would be the best combination to power using the 2nd and fourth axles.
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    Individual Meal Pack (IMP) [Merged]

    I just stumbled across this and it reminded me of this thread... http://forces.tv/71670583#pT6q21fvfAFHb2G3.01
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    Who's used a REAL typewriter? (split fm VAC Spending/Downsizing)

    Yessir.. Took typing in Gr 9 (1980) and the class was divided into 2 groups. Manual and electric, once you were good enough you got to use an electric typewriter. Somehow I never made it into that group although I eventually hit 20-25 WPM. I even wrote a couple of papers in Highschool on one...
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    The Great Gun Control Debate

    And that is why I will NEVER vote Lieberal again my friends. the very sight of Alan Rock sickens me.....
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    How Important Is Flexible Work? 43% Choose It Over Pay Raise

    We're on a flex schedule where I work. 8.04 hrs a day means we get every third Friday off (Sweet deal if you parlay it into a four day weekend ;-) ) We also have "core" hours in the office as well. Everyone is here from 0900 - 1500 but you can start and/or leave any time you wish as long as...
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    What book are you reading now?

    Phew! I was about to release a Broadside at Chapters/Indigo ;-) Tres cool you got to get autographed copies of Waterloo! Been a fan of his for ages.
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    What book are you reading now?

    "The Empty Throne" or "Waterloo"? According to Chapters/Indigo "The Empty Throne" won't be released until the 28th of Oct..
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    What book are you reading now?

    I would hope that it is and I assume that Sharpe's Waterloo was written from Sharpe's perspective as a British soldier on the ground and not situationally aware.. Now all I have to do is wait for it to arrive in early November. I ordered his new Saxon Book as well and they won't ship until that...
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    M113 / AVGP / Bison Driver "weather protection?"

    Kind of a necro-post but I haven;t been around in a while.. Try here for pics; http://www.canadiansoldiers.com/vehicles/apcs/armouredpersonnelcarriers.htm
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    The Khadr Thread

    W really do need a like button...  :goodpost:
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    All Memo Templates: (AVOTP, ED&T, File Number, OJT, OT, Release, Retention)

    You keep copies right? I would hope you have a USB drive that you keep on your person for admin stuff no? Send a new one (memo) every 2 weeks if you don't get a response on the original. If you wanted to avoid useless paperwork you should have been a Patricia  ;)