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Erik Suttern

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I was injured during training and i’m moving to Phase 1 at cflrs. I haven’t decided if I want to stay yet. I pulled my hamstring and they said it could be 5 months before I see myself back on platoon. Does anybody know what phase 1 is like?
Hello erik, sorry to hear that’s definitely unfortunate. I spent some time in TRP before I ended up leaving. I won’t lie to you it does suck. You idle while everyone else progresses. The school is made for short stays and has shown it can make people depressed or even suicidal if they stay for too long. The wait time very well could be correct, Especially with the short staff in the MIRs your wait time could be even longer. I left 7 months ago so I don’t exactly know what it’s like at this moment but I can tell you when I went it was the worst. If you stay around for awhile just watch your mental state and make sure it’s not declining rapidly, We don’t get enough sleep every night and that further delays the process of healing, Mixed with the thousands of steps we had to take everyday made it even worse. Maybe your experience will be different from mine but I personally wouldn’t want to go through that again. Some people do stay for insane amounts of time but then again everyone is different. I wish you the best of luck and no shame if you leave, I get it and I don’t blame you but best of luck with whatever path you decide to take!