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Pre BMQ Surgery


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I know there are many threads on medical issues, including historical surgeries as well as ones once active in the forces. My question seems to be more unique, so I figured I'd fire up a new thread for advice. I am a new PRes member in an infantry trade. I am scheduled to commence my BMQ at the end of January 2024.

A couple months following my enrollment I received an injury that has not effected me until now and I will be undergoing surgery next week. I have 6-7 weeks to recover before the BMQ commences which my surgeon assured me was plenty of time given the nature of the procedure. Is there anything if at all that I should be doing in relation to the CAF, given that I am not trained yet or assigned to a specific platoon? Not sure if I should be notifying them or filling out any specific forms? My first thought was if it has no bearing on my training to let it be, but then thought about my medical during enrollment where they were keen on knowing my history so seemed like I should be upfront and let them decide what needs to be done.

Thanks in advance!
Are you enrolled already? If so, speak to your Section Commander and let them know you are scheduled for surgery however you've been told by your surgeon not to anticipate any issues/complications that would prevent you from being on the course as scheduled. You are not required to disclose the reason for the surgery, so this is just a courtesy as no surgical treatment is 100% without risk. If your Sect Comd knows ahead of time and something were to happen, they can support you and make alternate course arraignments with plenty of time.
Yes enrolled earlier in the year, in holding pattern until BMQ. Thanks for the advice, its greatly appreciated!