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The Gagetown Thread- Merged

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Just curious to know what people think of Gagetown compared to other bases. I havne‘t been to a base east of Quebec. In summer, does it boil? Is St. John a decent town? Fill me in.

Well I‘ve lived here since I was 1 so I guess I can tell you my opinion of the place but I can‘t really compare it to another place. As far as the base goes its alright I guess. They just sunk a ton of cash into the gym if you‘re into that. As for the training area its really big. It can be +30 degrees in one part of the base and like +10 in another. Theres also swamps on the side of hills.

Fredericton is actually closer to Gagetown then Saint John. Saint John is an hour away and Fredericton 15 minutes. Moncton is 2 hours away. Fredericton isn‘t all that bad of a place. Its a hell of a lot better then Pembrook/Petawawa. Fredericton is a smaller Kingston from what I‘ve heard. I was born in Kingston but haven‘t spent much time there. Fredericton is a University town so the composition of the population changes with the time of year. If you go to the bars in the summer its full of army hair cuts. The rest of the year its they‘re full of students. I don‘t know what else to say. If you have any more specific questions I can probably answer them.
Hello everyone:
Is anyone stationed at Gagetown currently?
My father's name has been engraved on Sappers Wall at CFB Gagetown and
I was hoping someone could take a photo of his name on the wall for me please.
His name is William H. Higney and he served in the CF for 31 years with the Engineers. :salute:

Thank you!


I'm currently on course in Winnipeg but i go back to gagetown in March.  If you havent gotten any help by then with this , i will do it for you, no problem.  I was an sapper for 11 years so it would be my pleasure......


Thank you for your reply as it is appreciated!
My family and myself are proud of my father and to have a photo of his name
on Sappers Wall would be great!

Mike Higney
son of Cpl. William Higney, CD RCE
Maybe you can try to directly contact the Engineering branch in Gagetown?

If Tree Hugger falls through (and I doubt that he will), drop me a line and I'll take care of you.  I work next door to CFSME at J-7 and have a digi-cam. 
Thank you so much to all those who replied to my request regarding my father's name on Sappers Wall!
It will be great to have the photo and having his name engraved on the wall
is a fitting tribute to Dad.

Hey all,

Any scoop of year round fishing opportunities in Gagetown?
Sorry Mike, i was at CFSME for 3 years and never went fishing !  Maybe on the St-John river near caton's island.  Thats where we got for the PBO course's FTX.
Bunch of guys at work ice fish.  One fellow pulled a five foot, fifty pound bass out of the St John a few summers ago (or something similarly huge).  So yeah there is year round fishing.  But you have to buy an ice fishing licence.  I think the summer licence runs from 1 Apr to 30 Oct.
AmmoTech90 said:
Bunch of guys at work ice fish.   One fellow pulled a five foot, fifty pound bass out of the St John.....

I lived in NB for most of my life and was posted to Gagetown for 7 years, fishing since I could stand up......

I have never seen nor heard of a bass that size ever being caught.....  ::)

Now as for good fishing holes......Welsford is pretty good, so is Grand lake...there is a channel on the western shore that was deep enough for pike and pickerel....lots of bass too.

For deep water, try the Northumberland Straight near Shediac....good mackerel. There is also Fundy.

As for in the training area...try near the Hibernia hide in the eastern part of the area. Just south near a bridge go down stream about 200m and there is good Rainbow and Brown trout. Sometimes there is Salmon....better have a licence.

For excellent salmon....try the Marimichi near Chatham...a place called Deep Hole.  :eek:

Good luck

Well not being an avid fisherman it looks like a bass to me.  I see it every day on his coffee cup and if its not five feet long its pretty damn close.  I will ask him tomorrow what it was and get back to you.
There have been some huge striped bass, as well as sturgeon make their way up the St. John River. Good ice fishing in the Minto area. Wait until you catch a burbot - hideous looking things!

Franko - ever see a magazine called The Maritime Sportsman, way back then? I used to write for them. Been on staff for a few of the Labatt's Bass tournaments, also
Thanks fellas, keep the comments coming! I am likely posted to CFSME this summer and I am dreading it after living in Pet for the past 12 yrs. Just bought a 16.5" boat and man, I don't want to leave it sitting in the driveway if you know what I mean?
There's lots of spots for fishing.  There's a marina with a boat launch right in Oromocto, or you can go out to Geary and put in at the Green Bridge.  That was recently burnt down so now you have to go out to Rusagonis and to get to the boat launch there.
Within 10 minutes of base you have the Oromocto and St. John Rivers.  Within 20 minutes you have Grand Lake.  Within 45 minutes you have Grand Bay and St John (Bay of Fundy).  From Gagetown no where in the province is more than five hours away so you've also got the Restigouche and Miramichi areas 2 to 4 hours to the north.  I've also seen people fishing in Swan Lake/Creek which is the waterway that runs into the St John is used for Bridging/Boat Op training so you'll probably get to see that.
The ol' Swan Lake is dead troops......ever seen the bottom?  :eek:

I'm going to be doing SQ and MQ (arty trades course) this summer, and was just wondering what people had to say about CFB Gagetown for doing courses. The quarters, the food, etc.
I've done all my courses in Gagetown and several taskings there as well and I always enjoyed it. The quarters are something to be desired M-5 seems to be designed from a cell block building but you'll be on course anyway so all you should worry about is having a bed to sleep in at night. As for the food, years ago the food used to be hit an miss just depending on the day of the week, now with the new mess H-33 the food has improved.Just a tip if your going to the field in Gagetown get some bug coils and a bug net you'll need them in the summer months.