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How restrictive is the DEO plan? Questions from a prospective Engineering Officer


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I am a 25 year old with a bachelors degree in elec. eng., and I haven't had any success finding an engineering job. I saw on Indeed that the CAF has Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Officers as an in-demand position. Curious, I submitted some information on the website. I have now received an email saying
" we are potentially looking to expedite your file. We have recently begun a trial in which you will not be required to write the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test before you are enrolled based on the occupation(s) you are applying for. If you complete the following steps quickly, it is possible you could be enrolled into the Canadian Armed Forces within a few months".
This email says to bring my papers to a recruiting centre.
I hadn't really considered a career with the CAF, but the more I've been thinking about it, the more I think it would be good for me to get involved (as daunting as it is). I think becoming an officer would be an admirable and worthwhile challenge. I hope to get an engineering position to make use of and develop my skillsets. I would rather serve my country than work as an intern as a corporate drone in a rat-race. Overall, it would be an adventure and something I could be proud of. I do however have a few concerns I want to throw out there.

My Uni GPA is not good. I was told C's get degrees, and that's what I did. On top of that, I don't feel i've done enough with my life during Uni or in the 2+ years post grad (video games, pot, and listening to the freewheelin Bob Dylan). I don't really have any impressive or exceptional accomplishments or leadership positions. I do feel like leadership is something that I am suited for/comes naturally, but It's not like I can point to any sports teams I was a captain of, or clubs I was involved with organizing. At best, I can say, I played hockey (way back when), and I currently organise renting some gym time and scheduling some casual basketball. I also have worked in landscaping which has (briefly) included guiding new crew members.

Ultimately, I believe in myself and my ability to rise to the occasion of this role. I feel my prospects for the private sector are somewhat less appealing than doing some service. I feel drawn towards asceticism, as long as I can read some books, so the rigidity of military life could be nice. I think it would help me develop into a better person, and I hope to be able to appreciate the experience, despite the fact It has not been a matter of prolonged consideration.

I know I have to go speak with the recruiting ppl, and that it's a long process, but does anyone have some insights or comments they could share? Thanks.
Honestly, you've pointed out where you feel weak on your own. You may not get in on your first application, but look at what you can do you in your community to help with Leadership. It may not be in the form of a job, but could be volunteering. It's a competition to get into the CAF; some occupations are harder than others, but if it's something you're serious about and it seems like that from your post, work on where you have stated that you would fall short (leadership experience as an officer is needed).
For DEO applicants, your GPA is largely irrelevant as long as your degree is conferred.

Your file is being prioritized and expedited because the CAF is in need of engineering officers. I believe a $40k recruitment allowance (aka signing bonuses) is also being offered. If you meet medical requirements and pass the background checks/security requirements, you should get an offer, if you want it.
I got in with similar grades (except the design/project courses I guess where I always did better than most I guess) so not a big deal.

It was a nice change compared to other employers for first job, where grades is hold an outsized influence.
Odd title. Your post talks about your past, and why you might be a good fit...and I think you might be. You sound like me and I did okay.

At no point do you address the question implied in the title of the thread...which is, unless I am misreading "restrictive", how irrevocable it is.

Life will continually ask you to commit. Netflix? 1 month. Gym membership? 1 year. Lease for an apt? 1 year. Buy a RamBro truck? 7 years. Buy a house? 25 years. Go to Uni - 3-8 years. Get married? 0-70 years.

That sounds fucked at 25, but it is truth....