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Military Police Assessment Centre (MPAC)

MapleLeaf4Evr said:
Agill, from what I understand, what goes on in the MPAC is supposed to be kept hush hush by the candidates. 

You are correct.  I did the MPAC in 2003, in Valcartier, when I did my VOT.  I ended up being offered an OT to AES Op as MP was my second choice.  I can tell you that, yes, they do tell you to not talk about the process with anyone.  If I remember correctly they even have you sign some form of confidentiality agreement but it's been a while and I'm not positive about that.  I found it to be a very interesting and professionally run selection process.   

Best of luck!
I am going for NCM as well but I do have my degree in criminology so I will see what happens at the assessment...anyone here going with previous police experience or security experience?
The MPAC for NCM's with "previous service" is on February 27th. The MPAC for NCM's is the 3rd of March untill The 6th of  March. I was invited around the beginning of February. So I am assuming that if you have not yet been invited you may not have qualified.
Hello and welcome,

I have noticed thast you are asking many questions, that have been asked and answered.  I do not want to sound crass, but you are not the first person who decided to take the steps to enter our military;


I recommend the following for your perusal, and most serious contemplation;

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Recruiting FAQ - http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/21101.0.html

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  • Canadian Forces Aptitude Test - http://army.ca/forums/threads/21101/post-103977.html#msg103977
  • Fitness requirements at enrolment, see page 12 of this brochure:

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Please stop spamming the board with questions, and read.


How do you feel the mpac went?  Do you personally have any idea of how many mps cf is hiring?  Also do you know how long before they contact you to let you know if you got accepted or not?
Hey, be sure to let us all know, what happens over the 3 days, and post lots of information here and in recruiting!!!!

..........just kidding.  ;D

All I can say is BE YOURSELF! Be honest!!! It was a great experience! Now I patiently wait for the phone call!!! Fingers crossed!!!! And I was very surprised because the mess food in Borden was actually really good.  ;D
Just remember... Your not only trying to sell yourself to them at the MPAC... They also have to sell the MP trade to you!
Mess food good  ??? Wow I was eating at the same mess as your group and I don't think I have or ever will be using the word good when describing the mess food.  You'll see.  Good luck on BMQ  :)
Thats true there is way to many deserts.  Not too helpful when you get PSP PT either.

A good friend of mine got the call today for MP.  He did his MPAC last month and got the verbal offer today.

He starts April 2nd doing OJT/ride alongs.  Course starts on 24 April.

Just passing it down.