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Military Police Assessment Centre (MPAC)

I just got my call today! I've been selected for an MPAC taking place on Oct. 1,2,3

Faulk, Good Luck and hope to see you in the Branch soon!
Good luck Faulk.  Just remember to have fun, because it is a fun experience.  And be yourself.  Where is the MPAC taking place?
If I were successful at MPAC, approximately how long would it be before I received an offer, and then from there, how long before basic training?

I know "One step at a time" and times will be unique for each person/case; however, if anyone could shed some light on the time frame they experienced I'd be interested.

Your right, Faulk.  One step at a time.  Much of that will depend on when the courses are scheduled to run (both your basic and MP QL3).  Your MPAC Staff will probably have an idea of what kind of time frame you are looking at, but remember the phrase  "Hurry up and Wait!", it will be useful in the future.  Good Luck!
From my own experience, i went to Kingston the beginning of June and I received a call three weeks later letting me know i was accepted. And Basic for the other applicants on my MPAC started the end of Aug.  Now this is obviously not the same for everyone, this was my experience only.  Good luck ;)
Just wondering if anyone was at the MPAC earlier this month, and if they have heard anything yet? 
Thought I'd send a quick reply here as nobody else had

Received my acceptance to the MP Academy today .. Can't wait .. dream come true

If there is anyone else that has received an offer for QL3 MP .. Let us know  :warstory:

Hey TheRock,

That is great .. congrats .. any ideas where you are posted? .. FORTUNATELY I will not be going through the whole Basic game .. been there done that .. hehe .. I'm already in Borden and a member of the Regs.

How you liking the course so far?

Any tips on the QL3? .. Anything that could be reviewed or studied before heading to the Academy?


Anyone here waiting for the next MPAC?  I applied in Oct '07, and have been told from several different recruiters anywhere from late Feb, early March, to May.  Anyone hear anything different?  Reg force and NCM.

next mpac is march 3-5 in borden.  I already got my invitation and flights from the recruting center in my hand.  You may want to check in with the recruting center.
agill said:
next mpac is march 3-5 in borden.  I already got my invitation and flights from the recruting center in my hand.  You may want to check in with the recruting center.

Earlier yet!  I'll be paying Borden a visit on 26 Feb 07.  Serial 1 starts on 27 Feb and Serial 2 is on 03 Mar.  Exciting!  :D
good luck...can you possibly post on here how in depth the personal background questions are by any chance once you get back?  I am sure you will do fine.
again best of luck
Is the Feb 26 and Mar 3 for Officers of NCM?  I called the recruiter, and he said its for officers.  So either I didn't make it this round or my recruiter doesn't know what he's talking about or maybe both.
Agill, from what I understand, what goes on in the MPAC is supposed to be kept hush hush by the candidates.  If there is anything that I am allowed to talk about, then for sure I'd be happy to let you know what goes on, but I think they you quiet about it.

I'm applying for an NCM trade, so I can't say for sure whether the 26 Feb serial is for both officers and NCM or not.

Good luck to everyone going to or waiting out on the MPAC!