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Military Police Assessment Centre (MPAC)

jitterbug said:
I don't have much experience with smaller police services so I can't comment on that. 

Based on your comments, and posting history (which includes other drive by slags of the branch) other than MP, you don't have experience with any other service.

You were an MP, and now you're a prospective Health Care Admin. You give quite a lot of detail which you claim as fact about how other police services conduct business for someone with no practical experience in said services. As was stated earlier, this is a discussion on MPAC. If you want to continue to make unfounded assertions about the branch, or argue the merits of the direction we're headed, there are threads for that. If you want to comment on your MPAC experiences, feel free (staying within your obligation not to disclose the parts of the process which are not to be disclosed) to post them here.

In short: Stay in your lane. Civilian Police Services are well outside it.