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Mass Stabbings in Saskatchewan- Sept 4/2022

Trying to figure out how to get that on a small commuter plane...and wondering what 9D would say if I brought it into the house...also, never trained to fight with a shield. I've studied iaido/kendo in the past as well as kali, neither of which incorporate shields - usually both hands were occupied either with one sword +/- short sword (iaido/kendo) or sticks/machetes (kali). The couple months I was fencing in Fredericton, again, single handed weapon sans shield. Would be good in a closed space like a hallway to push forward/down stairs though.
Actually you can use the shield as a weapon too.
Just got an alert on my phone. Potential sighting in the town of Wakaw (S of Prince Albert) now in a white Avalance .
Hopefully the noose is closing?

Edited - got the make of truck wrong.
Just saw a tweet from a G&M reporter - apprehended near Rosthern SK.

Dammit @brihard !

I am concerned that some reports said there were two in a vehicle - worried that there may be another victim somewhere.
I was hoping a few local Afghan vets would have found him first and saved a lot of admin and court time.
I'm not sure Brenda Lucki would like that. This abhorrent incident takes the light off Nova Scotia for a bit.

Congratulations to the RCMP in Saskatchewan and any other LEO that were involved.

Not so much congrats to RCMP HQ Ottawa.

Adding: I should be en route to PA on Saturday so thank you very much. I think Niner Domestic will be a little bit relieved.
"Spears are good"...hmmm, what would the CC of C have to say about spearing someone (other than a 2-4 min penalty in hockey)?
Watch Matt Easton of Schola Gladiatoria, he delves into stiff shafts, and deep penetration... WRT spears. It all makes sense in context.

I find Lindybeige says a lot, but doesn't necessarily know a lot about what he says....
apparently he’s dead now

Well that's interesting. A photo in the link shows him (or somebody) under control against a vehicle. If he subsequently died in custody, that will get messy.