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Hamas invaded Israel 2023

You can thank PET and others for that - especially those academics who's views are "all white people are evil". Guilty white champagne socialists who have the temerity to tell us what we should believe. Eff them.
I misspoke yesterday. My apologies.

I forgot to add “and the horse they rode in on”.

Again my sincere apologies

Happy Chris Hemsworth GIF by Marvel Studios

What she should have said to Congress…without out the smug smirk…
“I was not focused on – but I should have been – the irrefutable fact that a call for genocide of Jewish people is a call for some of the most terrible violence human beings can perpetrate. It’s evil. Plain, and simple,” Magill said in a video posted on X. “I want to be clear: A call for genocide of Jewish people … would be harassment or intimidation.”

Magill never apologized for her testimony.

One down... How many more to go ?
MIT and Harvard, at least…they spewed the same ‘conditional ethics’ take as Magill.
Their marching and chanting won’t affect or change the situation in gaza one bit. Israel isn’t going to stop.

They can chant their asses off. I just thought it sort of funny seeing them run head on into SANTACON.