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G8/G20 June 2010 Protest Watch

In case you're interested, here's the judge's decision on Sonne

One more spending a bit of time as a guest of the state:
A man who has been described by police as a ringleader in a conspiracy to cause destruction and damage during the G20 protests accepts that he deserves to be in prison but claims he was “bullied into a deal” and accuses the justice system of being “coercive” and “used as a weapon.”

Alex Hundert was sentenced to 13.5 months Tuesday at the Ontario Court of Justice on Finch Ave. W. He pleaded guilty in November 2011 to counselling others to commit mischief to property and obstruct police during the summit in June of 2010.

Hundert, dressed in grey jeans, a black T-shirt and a denim jacket, used his opportunity to speak at Tuesday’s sentencing hearing to launch into a lengthy attack. The back-and-forth dialogue that ensued with Judge Lloyd Budzinski included references to the Arab spring and Stalinist Russia and a threat to fire defence lawyer John Norris.

An agreed statement of facts was presented in court in November in which Hundert admitted creating a “target list” for protesters, including banks and political offices. He also trained other protesters to “de-arrest” people, according to the statement.

Hundert said he waived his right to a trial after he was “bullied into a deal” and that his lawyer was acting within the confines of a flawed system. The judge suggested several times that Hundert speak to his lawyer about these issues before the sentence was issued. Hundert said he wanted to speak directly to the judge and threatened to fire Mr. Norris if that’s what it would take for the judge to listen ....
National Post, 26 Jun 12

More in the open letter from Hundert attached - wouldn't want to boost the rabble.ca hit count, would we?  ;)
Rabble.ca? Shouldn't they be bitching about how skin coloured bandaids are racist or something?
ObedientiaZelum said:
Rabble.ca? Shouldn't they be bitching about how skin coloured bandaids are racist or something?
milnews.ca said:

More in the open letter from Hundert attached - wouldn't want to boost the rabble.ca hit count, would we?  ;)

What awful, sophomoric juvenile drivel!
E.R. Campbell said:
What awful, sophomoric juvenile drivel!
What can we expect, I guess, from (in the words of the Toronto Star) a "hobby chemist"?
I couldn't make this one up (courtesy of The Canadian Press):
Women claiming to have been profiled because of their hairy legs are among a group of seven people planning to serve a $1.4-million claim against police on Wednesday arising out of the violence-marred G20 summit two years ago.

The group from Hamilton alleges the police wrongfully arrested them on June 27, 2010 — a day after vandals went on a rampage in downtown Toronto — as they emerged from a Yonge Street restaurant, their lawyer said.

They allege they were kept for hours in handcuffs, then held for more than 24 hours at a makeshift detention centre in the city's east end before being released without charge. One of the plaintiffs also alleges she was sexually assaulted during a roadside strip search.

None of the claims has been proven or tested in any court.

In a statement, lawyer Davin Charney said one of the seven asked the reason for their arrest and an officer told them police "would make one up."

Charney said some of the plaintiffs believed they were profiled for arrest because of their appearance, which included having hairy legs.

According to the lawyer, the provincial police watchdog — the Ontario Independent Police Review Director — found an officer wrote in his arrest notes that "all parties appear to be protesters; back packs; clothing and females all have hairy legs." ....
To anyone unfortunate enough to ahve read maikeru's posts and actually wasted time clicking the links...it's been binned. No need for the troops to get restless over what obviously, judging by some of his footprint elsewhere in the internet, is someone whose meds ran out recently, or the WiFi signal couldn't penetrate the rubber room and now that he's out he just has a a lot to say.
There might be some craziness here: REMOVEinner5pac3.blogspot.com/2013/01/some-educational-posts-on-milnet-forums.html , but on Scott's suggestion, I would like to start fresh instead.  Perhaps posting one or a few links at a time, rathern than so many, and of such a length, that people cannot really be expected to respond knowledgeably about their reactions and interpretations, perceived veracity or lack thereof, or other criticisms, etc.

So there is a blog post by Michael Parenti which goes into a list of 'imperial wars' and their associated massacres, and states the problem is systemic and intentional/ structural, not accidental or outlier 'failures' or a system which is otherwise working mostly for the public good.  It is very well referenced, but might cut like a knife in the heart.  It is not gentle.

there is a spoof about hilary clinton talking about foreign affairs with a 'what she really means' subtitles that is pretty funny on grtv

there is another grtv with an fbi whistleblower who basically wrote a book on her time with the fbi, and explains and destroys certain myths, talks about some of the corruption she experiences/ was aware of, things like they never stopped working with the 'mujahedeen', and there never was any 'al qaida', which she explained as a 'tactic' although i have no idea what that is, i heard it meant 'database' in arabic and that that was where it came from, as a cia creation etc  i could probably link the documentary 'zero' as well, which busts some related myths

so are any of these links interesting sounding enough to post here?  Relevant to delving into the 'activist' mindset of why people here would be railing at the evils of the military (bradley manning and julian assange aside)

There are facebook groups like 'occupy marines', veteran's groups fighting against the horrible treatment canadian vets are getting/ lack of support of ptsd etc with suicide in the US surpassing all combat deaths from iraq and afganistan, there is the police reformer group re-sergeance alliance (made of many police sergeants) trying to get the unbelievable amount of corruption that police are witnessing in BC police forces dealt with ... that was why i linked to the blog about the inquiry, and the evidence the police knew about the hell's angel's involvement in the picton murders, but intentionally suppressed/ denied that information, charging people for distributing the video of the young girl that was gang raped and a prince ruppert party, but dropping the charges on the people who actually did it (ie suppress the evidence and public knowledge, ignore the actual abuse victims and abusers strategy, ie suppress public response and awareness of the level of harm and corruption by covering it up, dealing with symptoms not causes)

I'm rambling.  By the way, Scott was right, I do have mental health issues; that has even been used by friends of mine to dismiss my point of view without even considering or hearing evidence for such views.  I suppose you could all do the same.  On the other hand, ptsd is considered a mental health issue, isn't it?  There is a ted talk called 'on being wrong' and it says that most people don't know when they are wrong - me and you both - and that the first response is usually to assume, if people just had the information, they would realize (ignorance), then it is usually that the other is incompetant/ crazy, and the final one is that they are 'evil' and that's why people's views are different.  Thought these are possible, I think more likely true is that there are distortions on both sides, based on bias, and the media and ideas that people are surrounded with, the 'operational attitude' people need to work with on a daily basis, etc, ie our beliefs are not only designed to be about actual 'truth', they are also designed around 'functionality' - do they keep you alive/ able to function under the circumstances you are presented with regularly?

Anyways I don't want to rant too much.  This cilp is less controversial and I think something we are more likely to agree on parts of.  I can skirt the issue and post less 'inflammatory' posts that illustrate the idea that i think people are NOT getting in this forum from the latest posts i read, about why 1000's of people went to protest the g8-g20 in the first place (which was conveniently largely ignored by the mainstream media once they had more drama-porn to sell the public).

Like I told Scott, I'm basically here to subvert you all against the ___1%___ and to hopefully shed some light on the folks pulling the strings in some of the world events that we see, partly because it seems like the idle no more movement might be being set up to be a trigger point for a crack down on protesting/ US military intervention in Canada via our mutual aid pact ... the ndaa act gives the military in the US powers of INDEFINITE arrest and detention without trial or attorney on US citizens, which some 'left wing nuts' are protesting south of the border by suing the government... I think today is the day this goes to court actually.

Some say the current US leadership is 'restructuring leadership' in their military, with 'willingness to fire on US civilians' being one of the criteria for remaining.

So that is what I see.  and interpret.  i could be paranoid.  unfortunately, being paranoid doesn't exclude your fears from being true, either.  Perhaps a critical second opinion (or 10) is required lol.

charles eisenstein, sacred economics 12 min  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEZkQv25uEs

I'm sure some people don't like the idea of people with different opinions coming to this forum at all, and may rate accordingly, but for those interested in conversation, suggestions about where to take this 'conversation' and what is worth focusing on, are welcome.

I intend to check back here in the next few days.

maikeru333 said:

Like I told Scott, I'm basically here to subvert you all against the ___1%___

And like I told you, that's going to go over like a lead balloon. I also told you that you have a rather smug self assuredness about you, one that I am sure is going to get the attention you so desperately seek. I'm just not sure how long it's going to last.

Folks, keep it within the guidelines when dealing with our enlightened friend.
maikeru333 said:
There might be some craziness here

I think there is, just like there is on your other post over here:

>>>>>> « Reply #57  { http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/108642/post-1206843/topicseen.html#msg1206843 }

BTW I concur with this;
Container said:
You are so far out of your lane it isnt even funny.

Please go get a lot of rest now.
It really warms my heart to see the MilPoints feature, and the 5% warning box, work so well.

milnews.ca said:
I couldn't make this one up (courtesy of The Canadian Press):

0_0  profiled because of hairy legs?  crap!  better get my ass in the shower...

was planning on going to PT this morning but removing my winter insulation so I don't get arrested should come first.

maikeru333 said:
Like I told Scott, I'm basically here to subvert you all against the ___1%___ and to hopefully shed some light on the folks pulling the strings in some of the world events that we see, partly because it seems like the idle no more movement might be being set up to be a trigger point for a crack down on protesting/ US military intervention in Canada via our mutual aid pact ...

[In the best Bill Cosby playing Noah answering to God voice] RIGHT! [/end Bill Cosby voice]

What has me wondering, is how many of the Idle No More aboriginal Chiefs are in that 1%.......but your conspiracies likely only involve us racist WASPs or WASP Wannabes.  ::)
I think he should be un-muted and given his own thread in which to ramble to his heart's -- and med's -- content.

He's a poster-boy for the "rebel without a clue" types, showing their true conspiratorial, gov't-oppressed colours.

Meds Dude.

They have some good ones now.

Makes the voices go away.

Get some.
A couple of more dealt with ....
Two more Toronto G20 vandals pleaded guilty Friday to participating in the massive 2010 riots, and were sentenced to six months in prison.

In Superior Court in Montreal, Guillaume Constantineau and Youri Couture pleaded guilty to assaulting a peace officer, wearing a disguise with intent to commit an indictable offence and common nuisance.

The two men were among a contingent of violent summit protesters who adopted the “Black Bloc” tactic, wearing black clothing and bandannas to shield their faces while smashing property in the downtown core.

“The rioting and the damage that ensued immobilized the downtown core, terrifying both residents and visitors,” noted an agreed statement of facts entered in court Friday. “Peaceful protest voices were drowned out as a result of the unprecedented violence that weekend.”

Photo and video evidence pinpointed Constantineau and Couture as participants in a march toward Queen Street West and John Street, where a confrontation with police ensued.

Couture was captured on camera throwing a long wooden pole into a line of police officers; it struck a female officer in the shoulder. Constantineau, meanwhile, hit an officer on the head with a flagpole, according to the agreed statement of facts  ....
Top court dismisses police attempt to appeal G20 class-action approval
Two class-action lawsuits arising out of the chaotic Toronto G20 summit more than six years ago appear destined for trial after the country’s highest court refused on Thursday to get involved.

Toronto’s police authorities had wanted the Supreme Court of Canada to stop the legal actions in their tracks. The court, however, declined. It also ordered the police services to pay costs of the appeal.

Last year, a tribunal convicted Toronto police Supt. Mark Fenton of misconduct for ordering the mass arrests. He was given a formal reprimand and docked 30 days’ vacation. Fenton is appealing.



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Ten years later, and we are still paying for it. In today's news,

$16.5M settlement paid out by Toronto taxpayers over the mass arrest in August 2010 G20.