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CFAT score for Imagery Tech


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Hey guy, I’m new here. I’m taking my Cfat in 5 days and I’ve been practicing a lot, but I’m still very anxious about it. I am not great at math at all. Anyway I have been trying to figure out what score or percentile I would need to score in to get into an Imagery tech position. Thanks!
The numbers are not public knowledge, which is good because the actual number isn't so important. Get the highest possible score you can, as it is also graded on a percentile scale (how well you did compared to other applicants). You can retake it if you do not score high enough, but only the newest score counts, which sucks if the new score is lower.
To expand on sarahsmom's thread...

The CFAT percentile/cut of scores are Protected B information and will never be posted online.

In addition it is based on percentile, what that means is that you may score high in your CFAT percentile this year - however that exact same raw score next year may rate someone higher, lower or the exact same depending on how many other people write the CFAT and perform on it.

Bottom line is don't stress about your score ahead of time, just practice practice practice and do your best. Remember even passing the threshold (lowest percentile allowable for an occupation) doesn't guarantee you an offer of employment - the higher your score the more chances you have of getting selected.