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BMQ OCT3rd to DEC16th <-----Who's Attending?

Congrats on getting in, I'm surprised by your BMQ date, seems alot shorter then mine which is September 12th to December 9th.
on another note, this is BMQ for Borden, Ontario. Not St. Jean, Quebec.

Jer1, what trade did you apply for?
Ya i'll be there, just got the call a couple days ago! Anybody know what Borden is like, not just the base but the actually town itself.  I heard that it's really dead.
  Yah I got the call today too! I'll be in St. Jean so I'll see whoever is gonna be there, there.

Borden can't be any more dead than the community that I grew up in, moved away from, and now currently reside in (Charleston, NL, Canada), pop 50. We don't even have a store here. We do have a legion though :)
Yeah, I'll be doing BMQ in borden from 3oct to 16 dec. I cant wait. Been waiting all my life. Hopefully i'll see some of you there. ;D
Hey Fry, I see that you are from Newfoundland also. Are you going to the ceremony on 20th september in St. Johns?
Indeed, swearing in takes place on the 20th of september for me, at CFRC st. john's, I'm assuming... 

The lady on the phone (no rank...) asked me if I'd prefer to fly out of Gander, or St. John's... St. John's meaning that I'd get to fly out with 3-4 others that are heading to the same BMQ as me... I opted for St. John's... might as well get to know ya's before we start!
OK, so if the course starts on Oct 3rd then we should be there atleast one day prior to starting right? And from oct 3 to 16 dec is only 10 weeks and 4 days. Isn't BMQ suppose to be 12 weeks now? Or are we just special? Would they make us go back in the new year for 1 week and 3 days of training?  hope not because that sounds kind of silly.
no, so far as it stands, BMQ is officially 10 weeks. Our plane leaves on the 2nd of october.
Well, I'll be there.

I'm going in for Infantry at Borden.

Can't wait till October   ;D   :salute:
Yup, pretty sure I am. I'm still waiting to get my information package. So not totally sure on all the details yet. Just what I was told on the phone.
Exactly the same here. Should get it in the mail monday hopefully. I hope that whatever platoon I get put in, works well as a team. I know BMQ is a far cry from cadets, but at many of the camps, there were too many individuals to be a team, and that kinda sucked.
hey guys,
do they pay for your flight?

I'm not going but I live not far from there, I'll be sure to peer through the fence with a cold beer in my hand.

Im hoping my call comes really soon... these 4 weeks have been killing me since i sent my medical to Ottowa... If i do get to go it would be to CFB Aldershot... just outside Halifax... about a 40 minute drive:D... no plane flight for me! :salute:
It's quite possible, it was about 1-1.5 months after I did my training that I got the call, that was mainly waiting till the selection board in July.