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Armyrick's Land Healing Farm...

Armyrick you like this

A few months later, Rapella saw that the birds looked healthier—with shiny feathers and bright-colored wattles—and that their eggs had a fuller taste. “I started wondering if I could take on more chickens and create an ‘Alpine egg’ to sell in local markets,” he says. Today, he sells his uovo di selva, or egg of the woods, to about 400 direct consumers and 40 restaurants.
Another one for Armyrick and history nuts, the story of Darwin and Ascension Island is very interesting.
So still rocking out the Rick's ecosystem farm with the help of my wife and my two sons. Some updates.

Cows have been on grass bale grazing for 3 weeks now. Want to learn more about bale grazing? Lemme know.

Lambing is done. Rough year, 15% mortality rate (I usually have less than 5% mortality rate). We figured out the causes though.

My ZERO waste concepts have been turn up a huge notch. As many of you know, I am also a slaughterman Butcher (I mostly do kills, skinning and gutting). I have returned to the original abattoir I was at, which is Grey County Meats (Stayner had an arsehole there I was about to pound senseless, so to stay out of jail, I left).
My zero waste philosophy?
1. The ENTIRE animal should be used on slaughter
2. All pig, goat, sheep and cattle hides should be kept for clothing and material (I have a shit ton of sheep and cattle hides)
3. All gut contents (especially ruminants) should be kept as short ready to use fertilizer
4. All bones should be rendered for protein meal for pets/zoo animals or bones ground into soil fertilizer
5. All fat (A single 1,000 lbs steer can easily have 30-80 Lbs of pure fat trim thrown out.) This stuff should be rendered for cooking fats (healthier than bullshit plant seed oils) or it should be considered seriously as a fuel source (its potent stuff)
6. Skulls make awesome decorative pieces!
7. I am scooping up dairy bulls and tweeking their initial nutrient uptake to make them beef powerhouses (early stages)

I have been practicing as much of this as I can lately (like last year or two). The cattle hides have come into use lately as shelter covers for winter sheep and rabbit shelters (my wife made an awesome light weight geodesic dome last year)

Ohh, and if anyone says "Beef and lamb farming is the worst impact on the climate/environment/globe...blah, blah" Slap the ever living crap out of them (only if you know for sure you won't get to jail or get beat up)

More to follow
I thought everything not used went to Rothsay?

(Or as my Father called it driving to Port Elgin in the summer " The smell of heaven")
I thought everything not used went to Rothsay?

(Or as my Father called it driving to Port Elgin in the summer " The smell of heaven")
Rendering plants like Atwood do something with guts and trim but not very efficiently used. Incinerating it and some of it being used for fertilizer is to be blunt, not the best option. By a long shot.
This is a great thread, Rick.

Reminds me of when my grandfather retired, he bought a little hobby farm. I used to go there. But, he didn't know much about about farming.
It's was like the old TV show, "Green Acres". :)
More updates.

So this year, I am having one hell of a great grazing season with both cattle and sheep. Its kind of funny because normally I give them some supplemental treats such as sun dried kelp, minerals, powdered mollases and every week or two, whole oats and barley (as a reward treat).

since my financial woes of 2022 have gone through the roof (Partially or mostly to blame on CRA), I can't give my critters any of those things. So instead I have really ramped up the grazing management (multiple paddock moves, variable stock density, variable rest times and re-locating farm seeds and nutrients). Surprisingly, my animals are in excellent health and do terrific land management.

Nothing like ruminants as probably the most efficient food source. In almost any land environment.
Here is a good video from one of my many heros. Lots of science so beware, be prepared to dork out a bit on biology, chemistry and physics

One of the biggest issues I have with so called "environmentalist" or BS "Climate warriors/saviours" is they have zero understanding of how, well planet Earth works

-We will always have/must have carbon emmissions (organic or chemical) plants will die without carbon cycling
-Its of vital importance to really tip climate to a better function, is SOIL management on land (Oceans have similar effects, see Green Wave)
-Oxygen/Carbon/Nitrogen are constantly cycling through our atmosphere/land/water
-Basically we are transport vessels for elements
-Its VITAL to build up carbon soil (via plant exudates mostly) to act as a sponge and hold more H2O in the soil
-More on (chemical fertilizers, tillage, bio-cides) or Moron agriculture is NOT the answer