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another thread titled a few questions about Basic

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kratz said:
My DH is doing this week's intake tomorrow, in Borden I will ask how many are on this course.  ;) Out of 400 recruits that are all treated the same, if 12-20 are PRes, it is easy to lose sight that some are not Reg Force. To state that no PRes are on a Reg Force BMQ is not accurate though, rare as it may be.

Again, a Plt WO that knows everyone of his candidates in St Jean and interviews them has told me directly that he's never had one nor has there been one put through in 3 years.

It may be that St Jean no longer takes PRes pers for the fall, winter, spring courses because those courses that run in Borden take them in. This is why I will track down an confirm that yes, PRes are loaded onto Reg Force courses....depending on some factors.

If you are part of an Army Reserve unit, you will most likely be required to attend a weekend BMQ or a summer BMQ. For NavRes and ARAF members, your BMQ is normally in the winter, spring or summer BMQs.
IIRC, the BMQs being run in Borden belong to the NRTD (Naval Reserve Training Det, or something like that).  I don't think they belong to the same org as CFLRS.  In fall 2006, I was looking at a few Instructor positions up there, and in emails back and forth with the POC I had there (a Nav Res Lt(N) and a Lt Cmdr) they indicated that they trained a mix of Res/Reg recruits, depending on the needs of various units.  As I received an offer for a position at CFLRS, I never did go to that unit and I can't confirm either way but thats what I was getting from their CoC.

From my (short) stint at CFLRS as an Instructor, there were no PRes recruits at the Mega;  the only PRes there were staff/instructors.
RubberTree said:
The food in St Jean...
Everyone complains about the food in St Jean...it is cafeteria food...it is mass produced...it is meant to satisfy the void and keep you running.
It isn't really that bad. There is always salad, always soup, always juice, milk and pop. If you want to eat healthy, you can...if you want to eat grease for 3 months, you can do that too, its your choice.
Don't whine about the food...its not Mom's cooking for sure but its free, its warm, its healthy (if you make the right choices) and there is variety. There will be other things to complain about while you are there...leave the hard working kitchen staff alone...heck, even say please and thank you to them, I'm sure they will appreciate it.

And as stated before...the taste doesn't matter, it won't stay that long in your mouth anyway.

Also point to note...the kitchen that supplies the food to the Jnr Ranks/Recruit mess is also the exact same one that supplies the food to the Sgts, WOs and Officers Mess.  Having ate in the Jnr Ranks/Recruit mess when I was the Course Marching NCO, I can tell you that, when I was there, the food was the same on either side, and honestly, it was not that bad IMO.  There was also, for the most part, never a shortage of time to eat, unless you spent more time flapping your gums than chewing with them.  When I was Marching NCO, I was the last mbr of my platoon to eat (after the Crse Snr informed me all recruits were thru the line) and I then ate;  the recruits had as much time to eat as I did.

Most of the time that I saw wasted was the SMF (slow moving f**ks) in the line that thought making a salad was an art and should be done over a period of 5 minutes and held the whole line up...until they were encouraged to get moving.
When my platoon was rushing through the line I used to get ticked at the SMF's so I'd say "Time to G&G buddy" (G&G=grab & go). Shortest lunch, was week 2 I think, after waiting in the mother of all lines, with a bunch of SMF's in front I think I had about 4 minutes to chow down what I had and get the hell out of there. Our PL. warrant always used to ask if we had enough time to eat, so as to adjust our schedule accordingly, that time we said no, and explained what happened. We always had time after that one.

Edit to add: The food was great for the most part, and the serving staff was great. They could always tell which folks were getting the snot beat out of them (figuratively speaking of course) and would always have that little smile to cheer you up just when you needed it.
borden runs courses for reg force bmq in sept, and again in january.  in the summertime they run the 9 week navy reserve bmq
Borden's NRTD is a a sub-unit of CFLRS and all BMQ corses are taught under their standards. The majority of reservists are taught during the summer course, but a number of seats are filled throuhout the year if there are students available to attened the fall, winer or sping courses.
Hmmm.  I think I'll take the winer course!  I like red and white...I'm easy to please.  >:D
I'm seeing a bat and i'm seeing a horse.......wonder where this is going  :-\
kratz said:
This past October 2008, I taught a portion of the Borden BMQ to all four platoons.

October 2008 isn't here yet.

{I know I'm a bit anal about numbers and such, but in my future trade, my attention to detail will be an asset.}  ;)
PTony said:
would i be able to wear my CADPAT Uniform while traveling in to the States?

Pack it and take it with you, and model it indoors. You have no authority to wear it out and about.
SupersonicMax said:
Unless you tick "Authorized to wear uniform" on the leave pass

Provided that the person aproving your leave pass doesnt say " i dont think so".
CDN Aviator said:
Provided that the person aproving your leave pass doesnt say " i dont think so".

...and then laughs his or her head off reading the required submitted memo as to why you'd want to wear CADPAT in a foreign country.        ::)

Where does it say that, George?  Recce, where does it say it requires a memo?
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