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Afghan Medals Process (merged)

Rather than start a new thread, I thought I'd just bump this one. It really doesn't have to do with the CPSM, we know the status there.

What I'd like to know is, has anyone heard when we're being awarded the General Campaign Star? The paperwork was supposed to have been submitted months ago and the last we were told was "You'll get them in the fall". Maybe I should have asked "Fall of what year?"

Anyone heard anything? I don't normally stand by it, but I'll even take heresay at this point. After spending the weekend at LFCA HQ and not getting answers, I'm beginning to wonder. It's not that I need another one, but it's something we're entitled to and it seems to have been shuffled off, or at the least no one knows any answers.
recceguy said:
Rather than start a new thread, I thought I'd just bump this one.

Hot off the press ... from today's National Post
(i.e. we've only been waiting for the inaugural presentation, and now it's happened - it's pathetic your chain of command didn't keep you better informed, ESPECIALLY since "one of us" was at the inaugural presentation ceremony ... but we both know the inside scoop on major priorities ...)

Canadian soldiers' widows presented with General Campaign Stars for Afghanistan service
The widows of three men killed during peacekeeping operations in Afghanistan each accepted medals yesterday from Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson on behalf of their fallen soldier husbands. Tina Beerenfenger, Susan Short and Candace McCauley were presented General Campaign Stars (International Security Assistance Force) for their husbands' roles in Afghan operations in the face of an armed enemy. Corporal Robbie Beerenfenger and Sergeant Robert Short were killed when their jeep struck a mine last October. Corporal Jamie Brendan Murphy was killed by a suicide bomber in January. The ceremony was the inaugural presentation of the General Campaign Star and the General Service Medal, which acknowledges civilian and military service in support of those facing an armed enemy.

Official Press Release, with recipients listed
Apparently those of us from 1VP who are now home (a PL sized element) and will be at work (maybe 10 or so) are to get them next week at the Men's Christmas Diner
There is nothing scheduled for 3 RCR this year.  Rumour has us getting our medals in the the new year.  The medals parade will be difficult for a Bn, since they all have our names on the back. 
Correct me if I'm wrong, but do the regulations not state that you cannot be awarded more then 1 medal for a single tour? When I read the medal regarding the GCS, it seemed to suggest that you would be awarded it, or the tour medal, but not both. I suppose they don't want us accumulating too many medals, at the risk of looking military.
The GSC and the GSM ARE the tour medals for Op Athena, in Afghanistan. Try reading from the beginning of the thread and you'll understand your confusion.
I was posted out of Pet this APS, when I got my new unit I looked into the status of my GCS, I was told: "Your losing unit will apply for you." So I didn't think anything of it until the CANFORGENs came out, at which point I checked into it again, and was told that I had to fill out the form myself.

About 2 months or so ago I filled out the Excel spreadsheet that was released by DHH, and submitted it to the OR. Hopefully it will show up sometime soon!

Hmm. Maybe it will be at the Xmas dinner... They say that the medal will only be awarded on a formal parade...
I'd have thought you guys would have been getting them by now - I heard thru the gravevine that the Vandoos got theirs (anyone confirm)
I woudl nto doubt that they told us about the parade so everyone stayed on leave till after X-Mas (no-one wants a parade or worse to be called at the X-Mas dinner).

Only two soldiers received their medal from the Governor General.  You would think that they would have been presented already, that would make things easier.  I guess the hold up is the individual names on the back. 
Goodday all.  I am seeking some sort of explanation as to why I cannot mount my Non-Article 5 NATO medal.  I went to Afghanistan in Feb. 05 as part of Op. Athena Roto 3 and returned home this August.  At the end of tour, we were awarded our General Campaign Star w/ ISAF bar and a NATO Non Article 5 medal for the tour.  Both medals were awarded to us with the certicficate that accompanies them, however, we were told we could only mount the GCS, and not the NATO medal.  I don't understand this at all.  By the book, you're not allowed to have 2 medals awarded for the same tour, but, what about all the tours that went into Bosnia and they got their NATO SFOR medal and their Canadian CPSM medal????  One of the decorations are from NATO, but the second is Canadian.  The same thing goes for the guys that went to Afghanistan.  We got a Canadian medal (GCS) and the NATO medal.  So, I am seeking an answer as to why we cannot mount this medal.  As an added note to that, is there any way we can bring this about so we can mount this medal and if there is, what are the proper channels?  I know some of the guys that I did my tour with are writing letters to their respective MP's in their home districts, but, before I do anything, I'd like to know the proper way to do it.  Thanks alot for taking your time people.
The CPSM is a gimme for any Peacekeeping tour (UN or NATO)

The GCS is an tour medal - Some of the later SFOR tours where Non Article 5 - was not aware the ISAF tour was NA5 (has it gotten that bad? ;)) None of the previous tours got the NA5
NATO awards the Non Article 5 medal for ISAF.   Some countries, including Canada and the UK, have chosen not to accept the medal as they believe it is not sufficient recognition for the mission.   It is too easily confused with Bosnia and doesn't reflect the reality of the operation.   Hence, Canada awards the GCS with ISAF bar for ATHENA.

You cannot receive two medals for the same mission.   On Roto 2, we were specifically banned from attending NATO awards ceremonies and from being awarded the Non-Article 5 medal.   I was attached to KMNB for that rotation and both myself and the Canadians at HQ ISAF were directed not to accept the medal.   This policy (and it is a policy, as we confirmed in theatre) has been in place since Roto 0.

As for the CPSM, Canada, for a variety of reasons (all good in my book) does not regard ATHENA as a "peacekeeping" mission (see the DHH website for clarification), hence no "peacekeeping" medal.

IMHO, as someone who was there and had to tell a German General that I could not accept his awarding me a medal, people should suck it up and stop whining.   The GCS is more than sufficient recognition for this tour.
I had a nice reply wrote up, but couldn't get it thru... :crybaby:

here is a couple references:


Basically cause the two medals you were awarded were for the same service on the same mission. The one issued by the Gov't of Canada takes precedence over any NATO or UN medal. Hence you can't wear the NA5.

and from the booklet:

The Canadian medals have a minimum period of service requirement,
usually a number of days, but they have no maximum meaning that all service with
this particular operation is recognized by one medal and/or bar. CF members, depending on
the mission, may also receive United Nations, NATO and other international mission medals
but these are not discussed in this publication. Canadian Honours policy precludes dual
recognition, this means that a specific service may only be recognized by the award of one
medal/bar, the only exception being the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal which may
be awarded, depending on the situation, in addition to another mission medal.

Bottom line is... if the government says that you cannot wear the medal...guess what?.....

You can't wear it.  

Anything other than the authorized Canadian medals, must be approved by the GG and published in the Canada Gazette...ie Gazzette'd.
There were Air Force personnel that work at KAIA (Nov 04 - Feb 05) who rx'ed both the GCS and the NATO medal with all intentions going to DHH and attempting to apply to wear both medal for the same tour. They passed this on to the trucker and movers who worked at KAIA as well. When told about the 1 medal per tour they said it did not apply to them and they would ask Ottawa for clarification. As of today they have not ( I know they will not ) Rx permission to wear both GCS and the NATO medal. Different elements have different intropersation
Oh, undoubtedly they must deserve it.  ???  A really rough tour of duty no doubt.


It is really all about the medals... isn't it?
devil39 said:
Bottom line is... if the government says that you cannot wear the medal...guess what?.....

You can't wear it. 

Until you get out....then you just throw whatever you want on the Legion blazer.
From my understanding the CPSM was awarded as recognition for "service to peace" or something like that.  I would think that it is more of a general medal than the mission specific awards, that is why it can be "paired up" with another (UNPROFOR) medal? 

My 2 cents
Bzzliteyr said:
From my understanding the CPSM was awarded as recognition for "service to peace" or something like that.  I would think that it is more of a general medal than the mission specific awards, that is why it can be "paired up" with another (UNPROFOR) medal? 

My 2 cents

It is a general service medal, just like the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal (CVSM) denoted someone in the Canadian forces in WW II, while theatre specific medals were for specific actions (France-Germany Star, Atlantic Star, Italy Star, etc.)
KevinB said:
The CPSM is a gimme for any Peacekeeping tour (UN or NATO)

Is there a reference for the NATO portion of this?  Been on two NATO's (STANAVFORLANT & STANAVFORMED) and we weren't entitled to the CPSM. We did do 28 days under the UN flag on the STANAVFORMED in the Adriatic, in which we were told that we needed at least 30 days on station to qualify for the FY and CPSM.