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Afghan Medals Process (merged)

ModlrMike said:
The petitioner is quite wrong here. I was on the last OEF roto, and it was made quite clear to us that we would not qualify for the GCS. Likewise, it was no secret that the follow on missions would not qualify for the SWASM.

Me too; it was made very clear to all of us there at the time.  Those of us who went in for 10 months (quite a few Loggies) were a little pissed to not be getting a roto numeral (common at the time for all other mission rotos) for our SWASM ... which finally became a roto bar for the GCS etc.  Some of them were even more pissed, then, when guys who came in after and then left before ended up being awarded SWASM and GCS when  they couldn't even get a roto bar. 

So, JM has his comments correct below - there's also pers who were involved in both who got only the SWASM and not the GCS.  It's supposed to be all about receiving the award for the mission and mandate under which you originally served and your time in situ began.