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ACSO 00182 Component Transfer


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Where do I start.........

Part 1

It was a cold day in Oct 2006, when i walked into a CFRC, and tried to enroll as a Pilot.  They did not take anyone with laser surgery then and was given the advice to go Air Nav.  Did all the tests and did not pass...Lost hope and decided to move towards something else...in the two years following, I tried to go through other programs and eventually got my PPL and working towards my CPL.

Jun 2008- Upon some good advice from recruiters, they told me to go into the Res to see how I like the military lifestyle.  I accepted and DEO'ed into MPO sice my Uni degree was in Crim.  I was sworn in Sept 08 and attended BMOQ pt 1 (BMQ) in the winter and graduated on Feb 14th 2009.

During this time, I decided to give piot another try since the laser surgery requirement was lifted...I was not competitive enough for Pilot so I decided the Air Nav again, but now it's called ACSO...

I rewrote the CFAT and passed with flying colors.  I was now able to do any job in the CF...

May 2009- Was placed in a BMOQ Mod2 course in Aldershot, 3 weeks of Hell, made many friends, and returned to unit fully passed.

July 2009- Scheduled to rewrite the Air Nav test, with studying, I passed with flying colors (raw score of 491)

Aug 2009- Had to redo all the medical tests, and it was a pain to schedule everything.

Sep 21 2009- Had all forms into NDHQ, waiting for the CT

Oct 5 2009- Offered ACSO position from NDHQ, transfer takes effect 20 OCT 2009

Part 2

Here's a few tips:

Pick a trade you want to do, don't go the Res route unless you have time to burn!!!! It was a good experience overall but I havd to run around a few times....

Study High school grade 9-10 math in prep for Air Nav test and CFAT, also look for psychometric test on google to find good questions.

Prep and know what the MOSID entails.  I have a great idea of what my MOSID is, I know the training and everything, look for info on the DIN or internet for your prospective MOSID work and training details.

Have all your forms completed and MPRR up to date...Right now, I was sworn in as a 2Lt and have been paid for a year as such, but my MPRR still says I'm an OCdt and offered a significantly lower wage....detain in the works, will update soon as I get details...

Call, email, call, email, after each stage of paperwork to NDHQ...the case manager will HATE you, but squeaky wheels gets the grease...and be nice, they are extremely busy...be persistent!

Have faith, you have no idea how many diety(ies) I prayed to....hahaha

Good luck all, any questions, post on thread and i'll try to answer as much as I can with my experience....


Congrats.  Any idea when you'll be loaded on a course at 1 CFFTS?
How long would you say it took from beginning to end for the CT to go through?
Prima6: thx and no idea yet, hopefully it's sometime in the spring...cold weather flying have its issues...

Bucks: I would say for just all paperwork completed, 2 weeks, if you need to be retested on med, CFAT or trade specific tests, interviews, etc...may take up to 6 months.


Still have no news in regards to my pay protections...I'm currently a 2Lt IPC1 but they are offering me Ocdt IPC 0...thought I had rank protection...hope they can retroactively pay me after the course....

Yes I have to redo BMOQ, but at least it starts in week 7 and I already have an idea on most topics covered there...

My parent unit is really behind on their paperwork, what can I say...
Congratulations on the job offer!

After BMOQ you will for sure do OJT before starting at 1 CFFTS. My OJT was only 3 months long, but a few people had to wait longer to start the ACSO course. But don't worry about OJT... my pilot buddies I did BMOQ with are still in St. Jean and are not even on the PFT waiting list yet, where I already have 40 hours logged in my flight book.

Going either Pilot or ACSO has its pros and cons and as a recruit like myself who wanted Pilot, I can say that accepting ACSO and not CT-ing after BMOQ when I could have was a great choice. The option to switch from ACSO to Pilot later in your careers is an option as well, so the doors are never permanently closed.

Thanks Elwood,

Funny thing is I still have to do BMOQ over...good thing I still have all my materials from Res BMOQ Mod 1&2...How are the field ex?  Do they wake you to move biv site or do they let you sleep through the night? 

No sure how I'll be received as I'm coming in mid course...but at least my old unit is willing to correct my pay situation.  THe demotion is temp. but the pay stays the same (as far as I know my CO is fighting this for me...which I'll be paid at 2Lt IPC1...)
You should have no problem being received mid-course. When I did BMOQ my platoon had little to no sleep and were constantly marching and being "punished", whereas other people I talked to often went to bed in the field around 9 and had the night to themselves. It just depends on how hard your staff wants to train you.
You can also file for a PLAR with CDA and they might write off your full BMOQ if it wasn't done yet.
meni0n said:
You can also file for a PLAR with CDA and they might write off your full BMOQ if it wasn't done yet.

If you go back and read all of his posts, you will see that he has not completed all of BMOQ.  He has managed to complete only one Module (Mod 2).  his Officer Training.  He hasn't done any CAP or Phase Trg.  This would be the same as ...... say someone on PLQ doing only one Module and then changing Trades and being given a PLAR to grant them the full PLQ.  Not going to happen.

As for loss of 'rank' and pay, this is a Change of Trade and may well fall into the Regulations to do so.  His whole enrollment has been changed, and this may be a reflection of that.  Something for an 'expert' to explain.

meni0n said:
George, isn't BMOQ only 2 modules?

There are two modules to the BMOQ portions, and he has successfully completed the two of them (which I mistakenly missed) and then depending on Trade, he would move on to CAP (or whatever the flavour of the years is) which is five Modules.  Then it would be into the Trade training itself, the Phase Courses.
George, it was a legitimate question.  AFAIK, ACSO don't do CAP, but it may have changed, although I doubt it.  It is not my trade, therefore I cannot really comment on it.  prima6 is probably the most reliable source of information in this thread.
I'm in the same boat.  I think I have stumbled a bit too far outside my lanes in this one, and that is why he should be checking with someone at the CFRC or his Chain of Command, whichever he falls under now, and have them sort out his dilemma.
This is from the Recruiting site, and may be dated, but it appears he hasn't completed all his trg to meet some of the requirements:


Basic Officer Training – Basic Officer Training is approximately 13 weeks long and is conducted at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que. You will learn the principles of leadership, the regulations and customs of the service, basic weapons handling, and first aid. You will also participate in a rigorous program of sports and fitness training.

After Basic Officer Training, you may attend a second language training course lasting from 2 to 7 months, depending on your second language proficiency.


Phase II consist of orientation training at 3 operational flying Wings that employ Air Combat Systems Officers. It will provide you with exposure to Maritime Helicopters, Maritime Patrol and Air Transport operations. The training at each Wing lasts a minimum of 2 weeks. You will be exposed to the roles of the Air Wing and the units that support the Wing's flying operations. In addition, you will see first-hand the role of the Air Combat Systems Officers as part of a crew by participating in crew briefings and flights on a variety of aircraft undertaking both training and operational missions.


In this phase, you must complete 3 courses. The first course is Aeromedical Training (AMT) at the Canadian Forces School of Survival and Aeromedical Training (CFSSAT), in Winnipeg, Man. This 1-week course will acquaint you with the physiological effects of high altitude operations and the oxygen supply systems used on military aircraft. The second course is a 2-week Basic Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) course also conducted by CFSSAT in Winnipeg. The last course is a 2-day Air Operations Sea Survival course given by the Canadian Forces School of Search and Rescue (CFSSAR) in Comox, B.C.


Phase IV consists of an 11-month Basic Air Navigation course held at the Canadian Forces Air Navigation School (CFANS) in Winnipeg. You will receive basic and advanced navigation training on the CT120A Grob and the CT-142 Dash 8 aircraft, for a total of 120 flying hours. The Grob is a low-wing, propeller-driven, two-seat trainer aircraft used for low-level VFR navigation training while the CT-142 is the most modern and sophisticated Air Navigation trainer in the world. Subjects include navigation, meteorology, electronics, communications, guidance and control systems, basic tactics and computers. After successful completion, you will receive your wings and proceed to an Operational Training Unit (OTU) for specialized training on a specific operational aircraft. CFANS and the OTUs actively encourage the development of the following key attributes within their personnel:

Spatial Awareness

Tactical Awareness



Risk Management

Information Management

Air Leadership
It is somewhat dated an inaccurate.  I haven't seen anyone other than people enrolled under ROTP have Phase II come through 1CFFTS (formerly CFANS).  I could ask the ACSO SET guy from CFS tomorrow... I'm sure he'll be by the school.

Additionally the Phase IV course here at 1CFFTS is being completely redone.  The QS writing board finished last week and the TP writing board is slotted for January with a roll-out date of approximately a year from now. 
no phase 2 for DEO or CT, only for people who have summers with nothing to do (ROTP).
This year phase 2 has been cancelled, instead everyone got formal OJT at one of the squadrons; even those that have already done phase 2. Not sure if it will come back in future years.

Congrats bouncer let us know when you'll know your CFANS course dates
Hi Guys,
I applied for ACSO and I'm waiting to get a call back from RMO, so I can go ahead with application process (Scheduling an AirFactor). I just need some info on ACSO, because I'm seriously having second thoughts about my selection.
My 1st option: AERE officer
    2nd option: ACSO
    3rd option: Aerospace controller
Since AERE is closed for this year I was interviewed for and going ahead with the ACSO option now. Now my question is that what are the careers available for ACSO's after they leave the forces? I want to do masters in engineering in aerospace engineering later in the future. Does this will help me with that?