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ACSO 00182 Component Transfer

I'm currently a Sigs Mcpl looking to transfer maybe as an ACSO. Here are the question I have,

1- First, is the trade open haha?

2- Is there any medical restriction regarding vision and color vision?

3- I know there is some exam I need to pass. Ok I do know if you guys has passed this exam you are not suppose to talk about it (I've been through thing like that too...), but I was wondering is it about basic Math? Geometrics?

4- How long does it take (fairly) to be fully qualified to be working as an ACSO?

5- I've been looking on the Forces website about the job, they are saying that a promotion to Capt two years after being fully qualified, but my question is, what are the possibility after that in promotion, is it a mostly ''closed'' trade?

6- What are the tour possibilities (Nato, USA, Other)? I know it depends where our Boss send us, but is there normally some opportunities?