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    The Spam and Scam Superthread- Merged

    Enter the leg-breakers:
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    The Spam and Scam Superthread- Merged

    I hope he finds some solace in the fact that when I read this I didn't feel sorry him...
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    16 U of Regina Professors Oppose Scholarships for Surviving Dependants

    Please tell me I have lost my ability to comprehend what I read: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/saskatchewan/story/2010/03/24/sk-scholarship-1003.html
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    Why the CBC should stop the hissy fit

    Or Ann Coulter ??
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    Ann Coulter accuses Canadian univ. provost of"hate crimes"against Conservatives

    Compliments once again ER for isolating the real issue and cutting to the chase.  Fool or not her post event characterization of  U of O as "bush league" is bang-on with respect to the handling of this silliness and she will be the one laughing all the way to the bank.  One can only hope that...
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    It's almost time for Earth Hour

    Can't help you with the coal but also remember to leave every TV and computer screen on as well as tossing absolutely everything in the garbage without seperating blue bin, black bin, and green bin waste. 
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    Afghan Detainee Mega Thread

    The Soylent Green idea sounds like a workable solution to this non-issue,  not to mention addressing the problem of world hunger. 
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    The Spam and Scam Superthread- Merged

    Fight corrupt governments ! Screw thieving foreign banks ! Harvest the fruits of another's labour ! No risks, no effort ! Hey, this works for me...
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    The Spam and Scam Superthread- Merged

    Received this one twice this week.  Does that mean I stand to inherit $10 Million ??
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    Jack Layton at Gretzky's

    L O S E R
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    Latest Dickin Medal recipient

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    USAF Nurse Comforts Wounded Canadian Soldier

    Even though she ison active service Major Lehker personifies the US Veteran's Administration motto which in part reads: God Bless !!
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    The Spam and Scam Superthread- Merged

    Indeed it is difficult to remember this long-lost old friend whom I'm confident I' ve never met in this lifetime.  Needless to say I so thrilled and ecstatic that he so fondly remembers me that I tell what I'm gonna do.  I'm going to decline his generous gift and let the bank draft lapse so...
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    Last CAN WW I Vet John Babcock, 1900-2010, R.I.P.

    May you and your comrades forever be alive in this Nation's memory A/L/Cpl Babcock.
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    An attack on isreal would be considered an attack on Canada

    OK so it wasn't Toronto.  But it was a Canadian warship.  I know because I got an excited call from relatives over there , to whom anything Canadian is associated with TO,  in the wee hours of the morning thanking me.  Not that I had anything to do with it but hey...