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    Media Bias [Merged]

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    Media Bias [Merged]

    Both of those refer only to TV, and only to prime time.  What you said originally was that only "something like 8% of Canadians watch/listen to the CBC on a regular basis".  That's not at all the same thing, is it?
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    Media Bias [Merged]

    I find that number hard to believe.  I would have thought that that Radio alone would exceed that. Do you imagine that there are no crown corporations doing useful work?
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    EMS Support Services van----What is it?

    I wonder if you could explain this in a bit more detail.  Do they just drive around the way a police car would? Somewhere I got the impression that ambulances do this in my area, and I've always wondered what the advantage is.  Even when it's on the road, it's still in only one place at a time...
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    No credit

    Maybe one day before it's due?
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    Ex-serviceman risks eviction by flying Canadian flag on balcony

    One expects a certain amount of that from the Opposition.
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    Queen's Diamond Jubilee Super Thread

    If this really is your understanding of our system of government, you can save yourself a lot of grief by doing some reading on how a constitutional monarchy really works.
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    Clarkson taps taxpayers for secretarial help

    I'm the last person to advocate going cheap on anything to do with the Governor General, but this does strike me as being outside of the scope of the taxpayers' responsibility. However, I think a case could perhaps be made for DND to provide support for work relating to her role as...
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    Dealing with disrespectful cadets?

    There's some very good advice above. My last unit had a system of defaulters.  Every PO2 and above had access to a supply of short forms they could use to report any disciplinary issue, and they were encouraged to make liberal use of them.  They left them in the XO's mailbox and he'd review...
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    Unit and sub-unit names in Armour

    Thanks, guys, this is exactly what I was after. In a sea cadet corps there are normally several divisions, each with a PO1 or PO2 as the divisional petty officer.  I'm looking to implement a similar concept for the army cadet corps, but obviously in keeping with their elemental, branch, and...
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    Unit and sub-unit names in Armour

    I've just started working with an army cadet corps that has an armoured affiliation (after spending the last twelve years with the sea cadet programme).  They're a small unit without a defined structure so I'd like to look at organizing them into sub-units, mostly to provide leadership...
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    Worried about basic training? Think you don't have what it takes?

    I remember reading that the average annual attrition in the P. Res. was 35 per cent, which suggests an average career length of about three years, so I think you're right.
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    Challenger/"VIP" Jet/CF Chopper Use (CDS, others) [merged]

    But the press is not a single entity; individual journalists, or at least individual media outlets, act somewhat independently.  I hope they'd react to a changing picture as information becomes available. That's certainly a fair point, but the commercial air travel system is one of the last...
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    MESO vs. MEM

    I don't think it's meant to be.  But, I see that you're a former RN member so I guess offence is in the ear of the beholder!
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    Can you apply to two jobs within the Canadian Armed Forces at the same time?

    I'd add that it's important for someone who is considering joining the CF to look in detail at the various trades.  I first joined before there was any significant CF recruiting presence on the web so I walked into the recruiting centre more or less blind, with little more than a notion that I...