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    Quick Question.

    I am highly educated in my field, and I am a PMP as well. Any way that is not important. I just don't like to waste my or any ones time and it would be counterproductive to be told we can't accept you because you are over qualified for the position you are applying for, which has happened to me...
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    Quick Question.

    Computer Science
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    Quick Question.

    Hi All. Being much older and wiser now and feeling that I am lacking a challenge in my life, I am making some personal decisions this year and one is to finish my Masters and the 2nd is to join the Reserves. My question is if I join the reserves and I want to just be a "grunt" (no offense...
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    Is recruiting still a pain?

    Well I've been out of the country for 2.5 years and got at least 6 more months. I got myself back into pre-university shape. I am great health and I would like to join the infantry. Do I even have a chance at getting into the forces for being absent for such a prolonged amount of time?
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    Bidding may be bypassed in $12.2B military deals

    Can't Canada just licence the tech and build their own stuff. Oh wait that ended with Avro along time ago. I don't see why Canada has never considered purchasing Russian technology.  South Korea also has some nifty stuff like the upcoming T50 trainer. I think the military should start thinking...
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    Fighting is for men

    Whole problem with the female in the Army is Canadian society. If you look at Europe the female body is not seen as a sexual object. Heck I know for a fact that they have coop bathrooms, showers and bath houses in lots of countries. I had a friend in a German high school and he said he took...
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    New MBT(Leo 2, M1A2, or Challenger 2), new light tank (Stingray), or new DFSV (M8 or MGS)?

    Some Russian stuff does look good. MBT Chiorny Oriol (Black Eagle)  Looks interesting. Rumors of 155mm gun. Also the T95 Proposal looks really interesting. Low profile, 2 tanker crew and un-maned turret. Oh well the MBT is going with the way of the DODO in the CF.
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    Remember Hiroshima? What about Nanking and Hong Kong?

    I actuall went to Nagasaki and stood on the spot where the bomb exploded. Any way I also went to the Atomic Bomb Museum and I was quite impressed with the amount of info about the bombing and the history that led to the war. They (Japanese) were quite candid and honest about commiting war crimes...
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    Recruiting Posters, Slogans and Commercials [Merged]

    Its because of Canadian society. Lets face it our society doesn't see it self as an agressor, thus the ads are armed with sugar coating.
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    Where to buy a C-7 (AR-15...)???

    Usually the parts are way more expenisve. I shot a fully upgraded norinco ar15 and the price was just under 1800 dollars.
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    How good is the side arm?

    Is the Browning 9mm different from the High power? When I shot a 9mm loaner I had a hard time trigering 40 pound flipers from falling over. How is the stoping power ?
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    How good is the side arm?

    I am a civilian but I am interested in joing CF once I come back to Canada. Any who I was curious about the standard issue CF side arm. How good is it? (Wouldn't mind geting some info from people that actually used it) I have shooting expierence and I am ok with a hand gun. (IPSC) I...
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    Has anyone tried the NORINCO M14

    I remember there were big problems with Norinco ar15's. They were good base which could be cheaply upgraded with North American parts. There was only one exception and that was the barrel nut had a different thread size it used a metric system were as American uses imperial.  I shot the said...
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    Where to buy a C-7 (AR-15...)???

    Try Pheonix Gun range in Edmonton. Sometimes they have people put their guns for sale. I almost picked up a AR15 Bushmaster for 1650 Dollars, brand new.
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    Is recruiting still a pain?

    18 months? Wow thats a long time for a security clearance. I guess if it doesn't work out I could always go back to europe.