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    Non-Issue Kit Question

    Figured I would ask this here instead of making a new thread: 1) Is the CP gear Camelback allowed on BMQ/SQ? 2) What hearing protection is issued on BMQ? 3) If excellent hearing protection is not issued are you allowed to purchase higher quality ear protection for BMQ/SQ? Such as the Sonic...
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    Reserve BMQ (Naval reserve)

    Reserve BMQ is around 30 training days according to the sheets. I have read on this site about people doing Regular BMQ but I believe that might only apply to Airforce Reserve.
  3. Dean22

    Israeli raid called off after Facebook slip

    Was briefed on this tonight. Pretty crappy situation but honestly how dumb can this soldier be? I am surprised the IDF hasn't banned it like the US Marines. I personally keep facebook at maximum possible security.
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    Danish Army Deploys CV9035 to A'Stan

    No article or pictures?
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    The "Wanting To Join Another Military" Thread- Them To Us- Us To Them

    How are things different between commonwealth countries? Is there a set of rules for military pers transference between countries like what qualifications are kept? Or are you just saying that because "typically" citizens from other commonwealth countries are treated better then the average...
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    A scary strategic problem - no oil

    One of the more interesting articles I read about the oil issue a few years ago were two articles from the 1960's and 1920's. Both articles had announced that the world would run out of oil in the next 10 years. It seems people are predicting running out of oil and global warming for the last...
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    Fireman Carry replaced by Casualty Drag

    Just pulled on my "TACVEST" a tiny bit now and some of the seams came undone and it's practically brand new (minus one owner) so I doubt it's "defunct". As for actually carrying a person, now I can understand someone being screwed to have to carry me but for carrying someone else 220? No...
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    Recent Warfare Technologies

    I watched an hour TV special on Wired for War and it was very interesting. However, the two biggest problems that was said were: 1) Computer glitches that kill friendly soldiers such as the anti-aircraft cannon robot in South Africa that had a glitch and leveled it's firing arcs onto friendly...
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    Fireman Carry replaced by Casualty Drag

    I was actually looking forward to casualty carry as part of BFT. This dragging a person has got to be one of the more stupid things I have heard especially since those straps on the back of the tac vest will not hold a person's weight.
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    The Via Rail Promotion For CF Members Thread

    Just wondering if anyone knew if this deal was still active this upcoming July? Was thinking of taking 4 round trips in July that would cost $750ish total unless they were free of courseĀ  >:D.
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    USAF Nurse Comforts Wounded Canadian Soldier

    It's such an amazing photo.
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    Ady Gil Loses Bow to Japanese Whaling Vessel

    I would just like to point out that over 50% of species that are currently recorded on our Green Earth are types of beetles.
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    Word association (just for fun)

  14. Dean22

    What PC Video Game Are You Playing Now?

    I am surprised how many people play Combat Mission here. I play the original which, is in world war 2.
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    Army Communication & Information Systems Specialists (Sig Op, Lineman and LCIS Amalgamation)

    In our Reserve comm unit this is the last year to get your Mod 1 and Mod 2 under the old system otherwise it will be the new course next year. Course material for the new course is currently being written in our unit I have been told.