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Your Favorite Military Video Game

Yet another vote for the Medal of Honor series.  I don't recall the name, the the one based on A Bridge Too Far (operation market garden) was the best.

A close 2nd for me is the XBox title "Secret Weapons over Normandy", a great flying game with a weak plot (kill the baddies, get the girl.. the usual fare) but great physics and gameplay.  I am somewhat surprised that nobody has mentioned this gem yet.


Hey the second game sounded really good never had the chance to do the second one . How the heck do you download the first one I would love to know if you could get my that information that would be sweet .

Cheers Karl
Oh, PTO 2. How many hours did I spend on that game. I also have PTO 4 on PS2, but the damn disk decided to stop working.

But for shear re playability, CC2 takes the cake. That game is over 10 years old (almost 15), but I always come back to it.
I haven't played that many, but my favorite has to be Black for the PS2, closely followed by Battlefield Vietnam. Black, for those who haven't played, is about a Sgt. J. Kellar undertaking black ops missions against a terrorist organization called Seventh Wave. IIRC some of the weapons featured are SPAS 12 and Remington 870 shotguns, an UZI, MP5s, G36Cs, AK-47, Magnums, a few different pistols, an M16 (with and without grenade launcher attachments depending on how the game is played), an RPG, grenades, and an... M203, I think. There are a couple others and I'm not positive about the accuracy of all of the names. Black has great explosions :D. It gets mixed reviews but I like the atmosphere, graphics, and music. The AI tends to have some problems (if you're careful, you can sneak around quite a bit, but there are some sections where no matter what you do you can't avoid waking up 20+ enemies at once or have them come at you as if they knew you were there).

I remember playing some of the ancient Command & Conquer games a long time ago and loved them, but can't recall which ones they were. Most of my strategy gaming has been through Starcraft/Warcraft.

For an good-strategy game check out the V4V series. It's turn based WW2 simulator (Normandy, Eastern Front and Op. Market Garden). Graphics are very basic but it doesn't really matter. It's now abandonware and available at http://www.abandonia.com/en/games/646/V+for+Victory.html.

Unless you are running a 486 :), you'll also need a DOS emulator such as DOSBox to run but you can get that too at abandonia.

Summary from the site:

V for Victory is a wargame from early 1991 that has four scenario packs. However, when it was initially released to public, it was sold like one game and three expansions. Now you can get this game with his four scenarios in a single download.
V for Victory take place at the end of the Second World War. This first scenario features Utah Beach beginning with the west side of Normandy and the D day. In 1991, the company launched the first of the other three scenarios in the following order: in 1991, Velikiye Luki (Russian front, 1942); in 1992, Market Garden (1944); and in 1993, Gold-Juno-Sword that takes the game again to Normandy but this time to the east. Each, of them got many scenarios and a campaign mode that is a scenario of the whole battle.
The game is really well done and its weaker spot is that it only has these four scenarios. Nobody followed the path that V for victory has opened for strategic games. V for victory is very innovative in some keys points thanks to which the game achieved a high realism level. The interface isn’t easy but with some playtime it becomes clear. Each day is divided in six parts (turns), some at day and some at night (they failed to make dusk and morning turns). For each turn you have a planning phase, an execution phase and a post action reviews. The weather is very important for air and naval support, and for the troops in land. As day turns, air support missions can be executed.
V for victory features one of the best supply systems I encountered in games. At beginning of each day you may set the supply level of each HQ, going from none to attacking, so the troops will build their power (attack, defense, armor and antitank) according to the supplies sent by the HQ. The supplies that you don’t use can be stockpiled, and in return, stockpiled supplies can be used later and are safe from the enemy’s air interdictions.
The game also has parameters that determine a unit strength such as fatigue, moral and disruption. All of them come from fighting, but the effect and recovery rates are different foe each unit. For example, units can recover moral by getting replacements, by get all the supplies needed, wining or resting; units lose moral by being encircled, having a bad supply’s line, losing, high fatigue or disruption. Units with low morale left alone against the enemy will surrender.
The naval support is easy. There are cost stations where you can place the ships. They will be there like an artillery unit until they run out of ammunition and which they can replenish in any friendly port.
The game is fully mouse controlled so you will miss your keyboard. V for victory provides you with computerized staff that can handle some operations for you. This also adds to overall realism as you wouldn’t expect a single commander to handle all the moves, attacks and fire support. You can let your staff handle night moves, suggest convoy routes or plan air support requests. You will found many interesting options for tweaking your troop’s actions when attacking, defending and moving. A weak point is the lack of information about the unit’s soldiers - you only will know that the unit “A” has x % of causalities, but you don’t know how many soldiers are left, even in your own troops. Another downside is the lack of tutorial or aid in the game. If you played any of the “Panzer Campaigns” series, you will find that you are fighting without a real idea of your troops status.
V for victory has nice graphics in general. They are simple and give you a quick idea of how the interface works. V for victory is certainly game that no real wargamer should miss
Bf2 ( GET PROJECT REALITY MOD). PR mod makes the game even more realistic then Americas Army, and its fun.. unlike AA. www.realitymod.com they will also be adding the Canadian Army into the game soon
Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45.. its a $10 WW2 eastern front realistic video game  www.redorchestragame.com
COD 1,UO,2, 4
Company Of Heroes
Day Of Defeat 1.3
Thanks for the trip down memory lane with the DOS links. The one thing that hasn't been running on my Vista box is my dos wares. Some of the best games are still the ones on c64/dos  ;D

Snafu-Bar said:
Thanks for the trip down memory lane with the DOS links. The one thing that hasn't been running on my Vista box is my dos wares. Some of the best games are still the ones on c64/dos  ;D

You need to get DOSBOX.  I'm not sure where you can get it online, but PC Gamer has a copy of it in this month's edition.  Very easy to use and setup and I'm playing Seawolf, Clash of Steel and Gary Grigsby's War in Russia.  Awesome!
Heh the instant i seen the link to Dosbox I downloaded it and started playing Neuromancer again, The best game ever. :)

I've already downloaded X-Com: UFO Defence and I want to download Age of Rifles next!  ;D
PViddy said:
Call Of Duty 4 takes the cake

Yes it is, especially if you get it to run right.

I installed it in my - P4  XP3 Pro - ATI Radeon1650pro - but as soon as it got fast paced, it would freeze till it caught up. Now in my DELL - Vista - Nvidea GT8800 & 500Watt power it runs the way it should. Really fast paced game and it doesn't let you getaway with anything.

A similar game is Frontlines - Fuel of War.

P.S Command & Conquer are coming out this fall with a new Game.
Just about to try out "combat arms" from nexon.net, free online. will edit for a review when i'm done my initial gameplay.

Edit to add the following....

Ijji clone rip off to soldier front, same lame lobby, same stupid kids holding up the gameplay and the same pay to enhance for a limited time loadout for kit. Add to that the left/right arrows DO NOT map for strafing thus left handers like me get to use the numberpad for moving and thus limiting fun factor.

Funfactor 0 out of 5.

Don't waste your time on the 455 meg download don't waste your time sitting in lobbies waiting for some kid to pop his zit farm before starting the game.

Steele beast was pretty good in my opinoin
World in conflict was a awsome RTS
I rented BIA Hells Highway last week. Pretty good. I got to the last level before I had to return it. The third person cover system somewhat ruin the authenticity, but you don't have to use it if you don't want to. In comparison to the last two games in the series, it didn't seem sad when any squad members died. The tanks were easy to beat though, unlike Earned in Blood. Lastly, the new health system made it easier, in my opinion. The squad AI was much better than it's predecessors, but the Germans would sometimes just stand there , and they didn't seem to  try and flank you enough. But it's overall a good game. Bazooka and MG teams were a great help.
Well I have access to the CoD:5 beta and all I can say is prepare to be amazed the game play is extremely nice and the weapons are amazing all tho the little 12 year old children who think they are so cool for using "dirty words" gets really annoying.

But my Favorite is Battlefield 2 and the mods Operation Peacekeeper, and Project reality

Also ever herd of Operation Flash point: 2 Dragon rising it will be the best military shooter to date!


Is anyone playing SOCOM: Confrontation on the PS3?

I am, it was having some server problems immediately after launch, but what PS3 game hasn't, right?  I really enjoy this game.  Unlike other games with voice chat, this one actually employs it in a tactical sense, at least if you find yourself on a good team that likes to win.  The community playing it is different than the run and gun trash talkers of COD, they actually employ tactics... not necessarily effective tactics, but tactics nonetheless.  (You can't argue tactics!)  I like this game and its only going to get better as the servers are sorted out.