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Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

All right I got the QM open.....pitch forks are ready but....

make sure you clean all the blood off before you turn them in, not like last time.

People ask why don't  members with PTSD come forward and get help.

Cowards and charlatans like David Dodd are why.

I wonder how many ill CF members would come forward and get help if people like David Dodd stopped making a mockery of their aliment.
57Chevy said:
Other than all the affiliated members and such,
the Legion should consider verifying their members service records
in the application process.

They do and because he did serve,  the article lists 6 months Reg Vol Release after 10 days PPCLI Battle school 1999, and then Res in 2002 unknow years, he passed the smell test.  Mind some Branches etc are more diligent han others dependingon who is doing the screening.

However he somewhat "embelished" his service it seems. Obviously he never read the "Walting with Confidence Guide" over on ARRSE
http://www.arrse.co.uk/wiki/Walting_With_Confidence or the poor dear would not be in this situation.

BTW his RCL Zone or District Sgt @ Arms should be jacking him up to. He's improperly dressed as per Legion Dress regs.  8)
Speaking of Walts, has anybody seen the recent release of the movie "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"? 
Recent info on the subject:


Paul Hale, the southwest Ontario branch president of the PPCLI Association, said he met with Dodd in Peterborough on Wednesday.

“He’s apologized. He explained that he made a very bad decision, used poor judgment, regrets very much what he did, and he returned the medals and the (Princess Patricia's) head badge,” Hale said. “He’s very sorry for his actions. He did promise that he will never wear medals he’s not entitled to again.”

Hale wouldn’t comment on what motivated Dodd to misrepresent his military service both online and in person.

“I’m not going to go into all his personal circumstances or personal information,” Hale said, adding that he has accepted Dodd’s apology on behalf of the association. “Every side of a story has many facets. I honestly believe he is sincere in his apology and regrets what he did. I would not go on a witch hunt.”

Dodd has not responded to repeated requests for an interview and has not answered the door at his south-end home.
Looks like we will have a Canadian version of Stolen Valor and ARRSE:

Reproduced under the Fair Dealings provisions of the Copyright Act.


Website will expose military imposters

By Galen Eagle ,Peterborough Examiner 
First posted:  Monday, January 27, 2014 10:57 PM EST  | Updated:  Monday, January 27, 2014 11:06 PM EST

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. -- In the wake of a national firestorm over a local man who posed as a combat veteran, a group of Canadian soldiers is set to launch a new website to out other military imposters.

The group is about to launch Stolen Valour - Canada (www.stolenvalour.ca) to investigate people who impersonate soldiers or embellish their military experience. The idea is similar to the American website, www.stolenvalor.com.

Former U.S. president George W. Bush signed into law the Stolen Valor Act of 2005 to address the unauthorized wear, manufacture or sale of any military decorations and medals in the United States. President Barack Obama went further singing into law the Stolen Valor Act of 2013, making citizens criminally responsible if caught lying about military honours for profit.

Canada has its own military imposter law on the books -- the Criminal Code deals with the unlawful wearing of Canadian Forces uniforms and service medals.

Peterborough's David Dodd became the centre of a national controversy last week after he made false claims on the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) Association Facebook group about being a former Pat, having a fellow female soldier die in his arms during overseas combat and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

His claims were met by a firestorm of criticism in military circles when it was revealed Dodd has never been a member of the Princess Patricia's, never served overseas and isn't entitled to wear military medals he's been photographed wearing at local legion events over the past four years.

Dodd apologized to the PPCLI Association and returned the medals after a public shaming involving hundreds of current and retired soldiers.

Retired soldier Bill Finlayson is one of the Canadians behind the new site. The group already has examples of other imposters it's working to expose, he said in an e-mail to QMI Agency.

"We need to let this man and others know that we will no longer tolerate their actions nor their behaviour for any reason," Finlayson said. "We plan to do everything in our power to stop this."


More on LINK
It's good to see that that the Interweb can be a force for good sometimes.

Hope it works out.
I hope it's more like ARRSE than Stolen Valor.    ;D

....but being Canadian, we'll likely expose the posers.....then apologize for causing them embarrassment.  :facepalm:

At least it's not government-run, otherwise we'd offer them money for their embarrassment as well.
Crantor said:
It's good to see that that the Interweb can be a force for good sometimes.

Hope it works out.

It can also be a witch hunt if folks are not careful.  We'll have to see how this works out...
Pusser said:
It can also be a witch hunt if folks are not careful.  We'll have to see how this works out...

Easiest way not to get swept up in a witch hunt is to not practice witchcraft, no?
Hey I was wondering if anyone on here knows a fella named Clint Hardman.

Says he is 46 and a former medic.


Hardman, a former army medic,


I have been following his story in Calgary and there are allegations he is a fraud.

We've got another poser......

If you are a member of CAV in Kingston, you'll recognize him.

Part of a circulating email from Dave Banks, President of the Kingston Branch PPCLI Association
In short, Mr Carl Dale, a resident of Kingston and previously of Brighton (AKA "Capt Diablo") has for the last three to five years been impersonating an officer in the Canadian Army.  He has falsely represented himself to join both the Canadian Army Veterans and the Canadian Veterans Freedom Riders motorcycle clubs: there may be others.

.....several people who know him have assured me that he has never served a day in his life.

While I don't know the entire story, it appears that several years ago Mr Dale began appearing in public wearing the service dress (DEU) uniform of a PPCLI Captain complete with parachute wings and a huge array of medals. He apparently also claims to have served in the Airborne and to have been a sniper. [Isn't everyone?  Why are posers never unobtrusive RMS Clerks?]

I had to include this other pic, supposedly from his recent wedding to some Mexican woman. 
The uniform and beret are awesome.  ;D


I'm not sure which is better, the ribbons completely out of sequence and placed above and on the pocket (because he has so many), the medal on his right pocket, or the 2 CMBG patch below his right pocket.  :facepalm: