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Special Force in Canada???

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martin p denmark


We are 6 people from an airsoft team in Denmark,
and we would like to hear, do Canada have a SF???
Can some one tell me where i can read more about it?

We have found some "copy" CADPAT uniforms,
but can someone tell me where we can buy orig. CADPAT?
If that is not possible we can use the "copy" uniform,
but it would be better to have the real thing.

Best regards

Martin Pedersen
Yes, Canada has its own version of the Delta force, here is a link to their webpage since you have such poor research skills.

Canadian Delta Force
Canadian Special Forces are known as Squirrel Team 6 and Beaver Team 4.
I seen Beaver Team 4, I think it was a feature movie on the Spice Network.
Its the recruiting video. I‘ve seen it aswell. Excellent Cinematography. Best actors in a CF video ever.
My Question to you, martin, is why do you want to emulate Canadian soldiers?

And as for Cadpat, no, you can‘t BUY the original ones (at least last time I checked you couldn‘t).
Its the recruiting video. I‘ve seen it aswell. Excellent Cinematography. Best actors in a CF video ever.
Thats the one...If you watch it, you see the Colonel of Beaver Team 4.

Here is his photo. The Canadian Government does not want this released, top secret stuff...

You should stop by the MIR and pick up some CADPAT Condoms. My girlfriend says they taste like Hamsteak and Mustard Sauce.

Thanks for the quick replyes.
I was hoping to see links to their homepages.
We seek information about their equitment.

This is an unofficial homepage about one of the danish SF groups.
It was the same kind of homepage i had hoped to see.

The reason why we wold like to look like a canadian SF group,
is that we play a sport called airsoft (it is illigal in Canada),
it is a game with real looking guns, er just use 6mm plastic BB‘s.
We are about 50.000 people playing in Denmark,
so we want to use an uniform that no one else use,
and we have not seen any CADPAT uniforms in Denmark yet.
The canadian pattern CADPAT, looks like the danish pattern M/84, the collours are the same, but CADPAT is in pixels, and M/84 are spotted.

Best regards

Martin Pedersen
we play a sport called airsoft (it is illigal in Canada)
Not yet. I know many people who play airsoft here in Canada. I‘ve been looking into it, but the price tag is turning me off at the moment.
its in the Grey area of the law...meaning its not legal nor illegal
The CADPAT Uniform is currently illegal for anyone to wear if they are not in the Canadian regular force (believe me I have a whole bunch of the old olive drab ones and I wish I could get my hands on some CADPAT). About the Special Forces, Canada has it‘s own counter terrorist/special ops team called JTF-2 (Joint Task Force 2). The team is just as good (if not better) than Special Forces teams around the world including the US Navy SEALS, Delta Force and The British SAS. However the Canadian government has chosen to keep this team very secret and I have only seen one book published about them it‘s called Canada‘s Secret Commandoes. It‘s a very good book that includes all of the equipment and training of the JTF-2 and pretty much everything the government has chosen to release. I hope that I have been able to answer your question.
Snowboarding is a hobby but i do know a little bit about Canada (it‘s called reading books)

Sry for the mistake, we have heard that it was illigal.
And it is a sport where you can use all your money,
i have spend about 12.000$ in the last 3 years, and it never stops...
One of my guns:
In the background you can see our uniform,
it is a nice pattern, but unfortunately about 1/3 of all airsoft gamers use this pattern, another 1/3 use woodland, and the last part use other patterns,
and we don‘t want to shoot our own, so we need a new uniform.
I guess our six man team would spend about 10.000$ in about two weeks in this shop: http://www.sealsactiongear.com/

K E:
About the cadpat uniform, i have seen it many places,
it is the civilian model, there are some few changes, but nothing big.
And they are full legal, they are produced the same place as the military model.

K E:
And last, every year there is a competition between all the SF groups around the world,
and i remember the best group in 2001 - The danish huntercorps / jæger korpset...
I can not remember all the teams, but here a some of the teams:
Delta Force (US)
Green berets (US)
Navy Seals (US)
And maybe GIGN (F) (but this one i am not sure about.
And there were many more.

Best regards

Martin Pedersen
I see the snowboarding secret is out. Leave it to Baker to crack into JTF 2.
Teams of assault boarders fast roping on the target...what a beautiful sight...brings tears to my eyes and the trots to the enemy. :D

It is not easy to carry breaching tools while carving downhill on a board with an MP-5 at the ready and a roach in the other hand. :blotto:

Just doesn‘t work worth a **** in the desert for some reason and all that black gucci kit rather stands out a touch. :confused:

Keep the secret Baker and our boys will be proud of you. Free beaver for everyone eh? :salute:
You hear that Major.

(it‘s called reading books)
Well d*mn, I guess all that experience you got working is worthless if you haven‘t read the latest mass market paperback.

Hey Egger, how did you get the rank of SEARgent?
Hey you guy‘s!

Talk about us Beaver‘s is supposed to be
Hush Hush!!

Shhhhh! :threat: