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SOPs for Comms Lockdown out of A-stan?

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I'm incredibly inept with the search function...so far I've come up with only two threads concerning comms lockdowns. I don't know if that is because that is all there is, or if it is because I can't properly use the search function.

At any rate, I'm just wondering if there is a standard timeframe for comms lockdown after an incident in Afghanistan or if it is a case by case basis, ie: until all next of kin are notified and official statement has been released by DND.

I'm wondering this, because this is "our" first tour and I would just like to have an approximate timeframe in which I can expect to not recieve communications from my hubby. I cope best when informed. Therefore I don't work well with the waiting game unless I know how long to wait.

For some reason I have 72 hours in my head...is this a reasonable expectation? No communication for the next three days? I am perfectly fine with that...I just want to be able to be honest with the children when they ask why Daddy hasn't called.

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Comms lockout can last as long as it's required. We know that it is quite hard on spouses/ relatives waiting for word.

The timings/ duration will not be discussed here.


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