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RN Trialling UAVs for Royal Marines Future Commando Force

I was wondering how the Boarding Party would cover their approach with their fists full of controls and four turbo-jets.

Maybe they could rely on armed drones from the mothership?

On the other hand

Yeah, same question from me. Perhaps RHIBS are still the way forward for boarding, or a combo of jet pack dudes/dudettes and RHIBS. Or a flying Jessie Ventura with an AI version of Old Painless.

According to the weapon specialist for that film, they had to secure the actor to a post as the torque was causing him to fall over.
OK. Watched the video below. Wouldn't want to be on the ground. What happens when casings get ejected and blown into the rotors?
Not a rotary-wing person, but wouldn't the casings be blown down, rather than up? There might be some sort of deflection plate so it doesn't pop up and over the rotors though - the video of it firing is from the other side so I couldn't confirm.