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Pilot ROTP


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Some Canadian ROTP questions?
OK, so i would like to enroll in ROTP, as an Engineer Officer, ACSO,or pilot, and I am pretty clear on the concept of ROTP, except for the time frames, as an engineer officer I am pretty sure that you only have to spend 4-5 years in the military after your education...true? and an acso is supposedly pretty similar, but as a pilot the training (according to more yahoo answers research) is 5-7 years, does that mean that after my 4 years of university i will have to spend 5-7 years training and then 9-12 years as a pilot? please explain all of this a little further if you can...thank you
Do NOT use Yahoo answers for anything, it's completely disreputable. There's some excellent information here, if you search for ROTP Pilot you'll find more than enough to keep you reading for days; but again, be cautious trusting information you see on an unofficial website.

What I'm trying to get at is....Go talk to a recruiter.

Good luck!
oh believe, me If I could...I would, biggest problem being that I live abroad...
First step Tuna - use search function.  Use: ROTP, PILOT as a start

Second step - move back to Canada - you have very little options abroad and will not be able to complete any recruiting process without being physically present in Canada.

Quick answer to your question.  ROTP - 4 years of University, wait for pilot training 1-2 years, pilot training 2-3 years - once winged, you owe 7 years.  Do the math.
Thanks, i plan on moving back to Canada the minute I turn 18, what does one do while waiting for training?
Tuna said:
what does one do while waiting for training?
OJT - On the Job Training - search OJT and see what others in your position have been up to while waiting for training.