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Personal car at Basic, or other courses? [MERGED]

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Just wondering are we allowed to take our vechile to BMQ.

That would be a good place to keep stuff locked up.

Anyway just wondering ..

Never recommended as there is no guarantee that you will be able to park it on base.
You can but don't take it.  All it's going to do for weeks is sit and not get used.
you shouldnt bring anything that you would have to "lock up" anyways...there is plenty of storage provided, and besides, you dont have time to be running to your car to get stuff anyways. plus, you need to have certain kit in your room for inspection, so really theres no point in taking your car at all.
Reserve or RegF BMQ?

Lots of parking at St-Jean...  I would highly recommend taking your car, it is an excellent place to store your civilian gear.  When you get a weekend off, you will also be the most popular guy on your course.
For my BMQ I would have loved to have had a car. I did not have enough room to conveniently store all of my gear, including some of my kit. What I couldn't fit in my 2 duffle bags was put into a locked storage room with very limited access. Being able to put it all in the truck of a car would have been much easier. Take it!!!
It will be very handy, especially when you bring chicks in to the base. you can lock em up in your trunk for the week and the'll be all your's for the week-end, especially the first week-end.... Yupppp!!! you sure are going to be the most popular guy on base..........heeehaaa......good luck!!

What about the French course at St. Jean? You think there's a point in having a car?  :cdn:
I asked this of my recruiter, and was flatly told: "Don't."
I'd take it. But phone up to the base you are going to and make sure you can park it somewhere. Wheni took it, i put all my kit that i didn't use in there
When I was at Borden some people brought cars but they had to turn in their keys and get them back when we got weekend leave. So I don' t know how stowing gear in their would be of much use if you can't access it?
If you plan on taking it, dont count on using it. Your course mates might appreciate it though if you offer it as a storage locker for extra kit. Also if you do take it, make sure the base MP's know about it as they dont appreciate "abandoned" type vehicles on base.
I'm thinking if I end up doing BMQ in Borden that I will get dropped off there at the beginning, and on the first free weekend I will drive my car back as long as I've received the okay to do that. Then I'll have it there when I actually need it (once we get weekend leave), and I'll have gotten the okay right from the horses mouth.
I just finished BMQ. My experience was that they encouraged you not to bring your car if you don't have to, but they will not stop you if you do bring it. Just an FYI... you are CB'd (confined to barracks for the first 4 weeks), so there will be no access to your car, so storing extra civie gear in your car is not a good option. There will areas put aside for Civie storage. All you can do after the 12-14 hr days is eat, laundry and sleep. Correction, eat and do laundry, you don't get any sleep. Ha ha.
Yes, bring it. If you are going to Borden don't worry about it getting broken into, you and your buddies will be doing round the clock security anyways and its going to save you a 22 dollar cab ride into Barrie every weekend.
I had mine at the mega.  Very few of us did.  which translated in to a good way to make money.  If you're cheaper than a cab, everyone is your best friend.  At the mega there is at least one parking lot set aside for recruit vehicles.  No problem.
Rather than take the advice of every Tom, Dick and Harry, why don't you ask your recruiter as to the actual policy on the issue and follow his advice.  He undoubtedly should know as he is a recruiter for a living.  If he says he doesn't know, then ask him to find out for you.

I've been reading this thread and I'm actually a bit nauseated at the fact that some of you are embarking on a military career and the focus seems to be on getting away for a weekend of liberty while on course as opposed to just physically and mentally preparing yourself.  On top of that, you haven't even started training yet.  If your excuse is for storage reasons, then don't bring as much stuff with you.  You should bring the bare minimum of what you have been told is required.

In my view, bringing a vehicle to basic training is only going to turn into more worry than help.  In addition, having a car there with you for liberty can potentially increase your chances of getting in trouble.  I'd leave it home.  Pay for the cab ride to wherever.  Don't open yourself up to trouble at the start of your career.

In some other militaries to the south, they don't let recruits have a car on base until they are MOS trained and have transferred to their first duty station.  You also don't bring anything civilian with you to training either....just the clothes you showed up with and you don't get to see that again until you graduate.  They also don't get weekends off during basic training.....must be harsh.....

PJ D-Dog
Your car will come in handy for visting the following on your weekends out


Seems Hollywood Bar - St Jean sur Richelieu was the choice when I did my BMQ but there are better ones in downtown Montreal.

Happy Holidays
When you get your joining instructions for the course, read it in detail.  There are always instructions in it regarding personal vehicles, such as whether or not they are permitted, where you can legally park, whether or not you have to register with the MP's, etc.

Read it, if its unclear, there should be contact information for the school that you're going to that you can call for clarification.  Get the info you need straight from the source.  Your recruiting center may or may not know precisely what the deal is.  They're busy enough as it is and it would be unreasonable to expect them to know every small detail about every training center across the country.