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Medical Rejection: How to Appeal? [Merged]


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Hey guys, I just completed my physical, successfully completing my recruitment process except for a blood test result which I now have and am dropping off with the required physician paperwork tomorrow.

Out of curiosity, how long does it take to get cleared by the medical review board after everything is in order? After I‘m cleared I will be set to be sworn in and am worried about the reserve unit I‘m applying for filling up soon.
How come you have to do a blood test? No one asked me to do one.
It was due to some medication I was finishing during the recruitment process, blood test came back normal so I should be cleared to get in as soon as CFB Boredon Medical Review Board clears me.
The average time for a medical to come back from Borden is 3 weeks depending on how busy they are.
Any luck getting yours back yet Venero? Hope you‘ve been harrassing the CFRC/medical department about that.
Nope not yet, All I can do is hope. I called them 3 days ago but all they could tell me was that they will call me if my medical comes back as a positive result to book my PT test and interview.
I was told that the medical dept is extremely busy and not to expect anything for approx. 6-8 weeks.
Okay I comleted part 1of my medical examination and my file was put on hold due to my failure to qualify for infantry. I was wondering that when i go back to finish my medical would I have to do part 1 again. Like would I need to be drug tested, vision, and hearing tested again too?
Did you fail to qualify for infantry due to a medical condition?
No my vision was a V4 which didnt qualify for infantry. You need a v1-v3 to qualify for infantry.
Today I received a letter from the recruiting medical officer saying that I did not meet the common enrolment standard required by both the regular and the reserve force. I will type the letter out and you guys can tell me what you think about it, I'm pissed off that they didnt say anything before.

This is how the letter goes....

Dear Mr.Phantha,

I have reviewed the medical records and accompanying your application to join the Canadian Forces.  Unfortunately, you do not meet the common enrolment standard required by both regular and reserve forces.  The documents indicate that you have had an allergic reactions to crab meat.  Accodingly, you have been assigned medical limitations.

Your case could be reconsidered if self-injectable epinephrine is not required and you have no furthur restrictions.  At the time you should have your allergist write to us stating the diagnosis, allergic symptoms(inlcuding timing of exposure) results of testing and of any treatment.  If you have been advised to carry self-injectable epinephrine your physician should specify the risk to your health if medication were unavailable.

The report should be sent to the Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre Winnipeg:  Attention Medical Section.  This report would have to be obtained at your own expense.

The current common enrolment medical standard ensures that all recruits can achieve high standards of fitness and endure prolonged periods of severe mental and physical stress.  Military personnel work in extreme climatic conditions and diverse environments including isolated areas where little medical support is unavailable.  They may be exposed to food allergens without access to self-administered medication prescribed for systemic allergic reactions.

The Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre Winnipeg can advise you of the final decision concerning your application.

Now why on earth didnt they tell me to go see an allergist from the begining so that it would save me time on the decision?.......I had a little rash from eating some crab, and I don't even think it was from crab, I just assumed because I had just consume it prior to the rash.  This can't be serious enough to hinder my physical fitness or be detrimental to enduring prologned periods of severe mental and physical stress.  So after I get this allergist diagnosis does my medical have to go through the process again?  If so this is ridiculous.  It says that CFRC Winnipeg will have the final decision concerning my application...what does this mean?  That I have already been ruled out?  I thought I had a limitation to clear up.  Has anyone else had a similar instance because if they do not enrol me because of this silly allergy than they just lost a great potential officer recruit.  I hope that I don't have to go through that lengthy medical process again, I need to make other plans for my career and this is just something that I have no control over.

Just to give you guys a background of me...
Applied for Mars Officer in the reserve force
22 yrs old male
Currently a lifeguard going for distinction awards
Economics Major in Univeristy 3rd Year
I am so fit its not even fiunny and my medical situation which is excellent has never hindered my ability to do anything.  I was just being as honest as I could have been when I said I got a little rash when I consumed crab.  That was like ages ago like 4 years or so. 

For those that are reading I appreciate your input, I am so frustrated right now I had to share my experience.
I think the letter is pretty clear on why you were rejected, and very clear on what you need to provide in order to redress that.  I understand your frustration, but as the letter stated, there is a reason behind the CEMS.  If you truly feel that you either don't actually have an allergy, or, that it isn't severe at all, just go do what the letter says and your situation will be cleared up.
Sorry to hear about that, it must suck :(. I thought that I was going to get one of those letters also because I have pollen hayfever allergic reactions... I was pretty much convienced that they were going to reject me because of this cause after all infantry soliders work outdoors and in the summer time there is all that stuff everywhere. I surprised when i got a call saying, "We're just informing you that your medical came back and you're good to go, now all we need to do is wait for the board to sit and discuss."

Speaking of the board does anyone know when the next one is? Regualr force Infantry?
That's bloody ridiculous.  Either the CF is planning on switching to crab-meat IMP's, or we need to start drug testing the recruiters.

There's people with all sorts of alergies in the CF, so don't let this discourage you.  Yours seems totaly insignificant, just do what they requested and there's no reason why you shouldn't be accepted.
They won't let you in for something like that? Damn, thats terrible. Lord knows the Canadian army needs all it can get and here they are not letting people in for something like this. I ran into problems myself at the medical examination. I had to have my knees checked out because they were kind of deformed and also my heart because I occasionally got a chest pain. Luckily for me, all was well and I got in. All I can say is fight this and do what you can to get in.
Thanks for reading guys but you what I am going to fight this and do what the letter says.  Because I invested all that time before this.  It would be a shame if I didn't go all the way through.  This is very fishy business if you ask me.  This is seriously how people get discouraged though, I know they have policies but most institutions usually deal with them along the way.  The reason I am so frustrated is because I made a decision to want to join and it is taking so long that it's getting in the way of other goals I have like going on overseas exchange programs for school or looking for internships with different companies for the summer.  If this is just hanging in limbo what a waste because I have to wait to see if I would go off to BOTC in the summer and by the time I would have missed going to wine&cheese's and applying for exchange programs would already be closed and these things cost money. Why not go to these anyways? well I am but it's weird to be so interested in a program when you know its gonna be second place on the chopping block. You know I had 2% support to wanting to join the forces, I just want to serve and these bureaucratic policies definitely get in the way.
Fight what?
All they asked you was to provide them with details on what might or might not be a serious medical condition.  It might not seem serious to you, but that doesn't mean your possible allergy could not kill you.  You don't even know what you might be allergic to!  A lot of medicines have fish-related ingredients that can kill someone with a severe allergy, or prevent treatment in someone whose allergy is mild.  Your future doctors (within the CF or not) NEED to know if you might have a reaction to a drug you are being given.
It is also YOUR responsibility to give the medical authority ACCURATE health information.  You wouldn't believe the third degree I got over my childhood allergy to bee stings.  Of course keep trying to get in, but this letter is not the end of the road.  Go to a doctor, get tested, and put their doubts to rest.
Good luck, Dreadnought!
God I should type mine up, I got rejected because i have too much muscle mass if you can believe that