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  1. M

    Seriously concerned over med release process

    Just got word I’m being medically released, along with many others, should be a 3B. I understand you are guaranteed 75-90% of pay for two years through manulife depending on whether it’s a 3A or 3B release. Which is great. However I am absolutely terrified they are not going to acknowledge...
  2. S

    Medical waiting

    Hi. I am PR and currently my CAF application ( regular) is in process. My recruiter told me that my next step is medical and I am in waitlist.Anyone recently gone through the process and let me know the waiting time for medical to be scheduled. Thank you to all honourable members.
  3. W

    Appeal Air Force

    Hello, I had been recently deemed unfit for service by the RMO due to a previous spinal fracture that occurred in 2017 along with epiretinal membrane that was found during my pre-screening when I underwent laser corrective surgery. Regarding my spine, I recovered within a few months and was...
  4. T

    Medical Results taking forever

    HI, I had my medical interview and phone interview done 7 months back. Then they asked me fill DND 2780 as I am 40 years old. I got it filled and sent 15 days afterwards. I got confirmation from CAF that they have received the form. But afterwards I have not seen any movement in my application...
  5. F

    Process length

    Hey everyone, I am applying for ROTP. I completed my CFAT about a month and a half ago and qualified for everything (the recruiters words, don’t ask what ‘everything’ means). About 20 days ago I submitted my ROTP application which included my transcript and some questions directly to RMC. My...
  6. paalerik


    I got a letter stating my file could be reopened in march 2024 as I stopped abilify medication around march 2023. My diagnosis was anxious/depressive disorder related to traumatic events such as being harassed in Paris then stalked in Tromsø by a model influencer. Went back to my hometown and...
  7. Andyd513

    Medical Rejection: How to Appeal? [Merged]

    Hey guys, I just completed my physical, successfully completing my recruitment process except for a blood test result which I now have and am dropping off with the required physician paperwork tomorrow. Out of curiosity, how long does it take to get cleared by the medical review board after...
  8. P

    Hernia medical exam

    Hello , does a previous hernia surgery that was done many years ago disqualify my from joining the army as an infantryman?
  9. C

    Pilot eye vision requirement

    Hi guys, I just finished the aptitude test yesterday and qualified to be a pilot based on the score. but I do wear glasses, short vision, roughly 20/120. is that ok to apply for being a pilot? maybe not qualified to be a pilot for fighter jets, but not sure if helicopters and transport jets are...
  10. Nightingale93

    Wounded Finger/Medical Question

    Hi there. I am new to these forums and also currently in the processing of enrolling into the CAF. My MOS preferences are Aviation Systems Technician and Materials Technician. I just recently did my medical exam yesterday, and was given 2 forms to bring to my doctor. The first is a general...
  11. R

    Air Factor appeal

    Hi everyone, I recently went to CFEME for a pilot medical and the ophthalmologist found a problem that disqualified me for all aircrew trades. I have seen optometrists all my life and none of them has ever brought this issue to my attention. I went to an optometrist to get a referral to a...
  12. E

    Trying to appeal

    Hi! I am a 17 year old trying to apply to the CAF. I did my aptitude test and qualified for the trade i wanted, did the interview and my medical. during the medical i had mention i sometimes have occasional headaches and had suicidal ideation when i was 12-13. i had to get some forms signed by...
  13. R

    Is it possible to be accepted to the CAF with undiagnosed depression?

    So I'm a graduating university student considering applying to the CAF through DEO. However, I have undiagnosed seasonal depression, and I currently take St. John's Wort every winter. It's considered a "natural health product" meaning it doesn't require a prescription and isn't even considered a...
  14. B

    MLab Tech

    Hi! Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of being a Medical Laboratory Technologist in the forces? Interested in applying! Have a couple questions: 1. What does the training entail once you are finished school? Do you get to do exercises etc.? 2. Do you travel much? 3. Are...
  15. G

    Med Cat Question

    Hello! I am a 27 year old who moved from America a few years back. I am/have been living in Canada for some time now. I decided to look more into the various standards a CF member must meet in order to enlist, and have been in contact with a recruiter at CFRC Vancouver as I would like to serve...
  16. A

    Psychiatric concerns for enrollment help

    Hi, So I’m currently applying to be an medical assistant for the reserve. Ive had ptsd, depression and anxiety, for which I have completed my treatment and have no symptoms left since jan. 2021. I still take my celexa but could come off it if necessary. I have no problem performing well under...
  17. executiee

    Didn’t even get my RMO letter in the mail. What do I do now?

    Hello everyone! I’m here because I have decided to reapply into Reg Force instead of ROTP. I didn’t get in because of my medical. After reading this forum two years ago I decided to take people’s advice and wait a while before reapplying. Two years past and I have realized that I didn’t even...