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looking to find military records pertaining to my mother vera joan boyce W13072

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mom joined 1939 AWSC  and enlisted in Cwac 23/9/1941..she served 4 years and 5 months in London with the signal corp division....overseas 19/12/1942 landing Grenoc Scotland December 24 1942, she returned in 1945 and was discharged 15/2/1946 after which she joined the Department of veterans affairs Calgary AB..........My mother is fully functional and cognizant and will be celrbrating her 100th BIRTHDAY on December 24 this year at the Chateau Renoir 9229 - 16th st. s.w. Calgary...........I have spent well over 100 hours just trying to get into a military data base that would give me information, posting, photos and any names of any women or men in her corp.....the only thing I could find from ab was Mary Dover a old army friend of mom's.  All mom's army memories and her patches and pins seems to be missing.....I do have 12 buttons from her old uniform.........can anyone help me find these records and a way to replace or replicate he her patches, badges crests  insignias etc and maybe a contact here is Calgary.........all mom talks about these days is the war in London....I would like to dig up any information as I would like to know if it is possible to get copies of these documents and memorabilla....! have spent over 50 hrs looking for help on the internet and I would like to present her with all this at her birthday party.......she's a proud CWAC and born and raised Canadian..........can anyone help me here....thank you for your time......stay warm.....ride safe....samantha......MERRY CHRISTMAS

Michael OLeary

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You can order a copy of her service record from Library and Archives Canada? Since she is still alive, you'll have to have her sign the letter.


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