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CG of Army CID To Be Replaced


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This is fallout from Ft Hood and the death of a female soldier .

While the first part of the news report insinuates that, once you read further down you get the following:

The Army put out a statement later on Monday stressing that Martin remains in her current position but that she would be replaced at a later date via a "planned transition" by Brig. Gen. Duane Miller. Miller is currently deputy provost marshal general and deputy commanding general of the command.

Martin's "next assignment has not yet been announced. The Army announced Feb. 23, 2021 that Brig. Gen. Duane Miller will be Maj. Gen. Martin's replacement. The change of command date has not been set. This is a planned transition and any insinuation to the contrary is false," spokeswoman Col. Cathy Wilkinson said.


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The General has not been in her job a year, such postings are usually 2 to 3 years so no matter the public position this is unusal. For her to retire as a MG she needs 3 years time in grade.