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    Policy on Clickers?

    Thanks once again Garb. Double thanks if you're the one that combined my thread in with the other....  Should've done a little better homework.  Damn mobile's..
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    Policy on Clickers?

    Hey everyone, Quick question, I have a pair of the old style parade boots and they have Clickers on them. What's the policy on Clickers these days? Not sure if it has changed at all.  I stopped wearing them because we weren't allowed to have them while on ship. I know the CO wears them and...
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    MP recruiting 2017/18/19

    I am currently on my QL3, and there are guys here on course with me that found out days before the MPAC that they were on it.  So don't lose all hope!! Edit for typo
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    Closed application

    I would say No.  As you used the drug when it was still "illegal". Therefore still breaking the law.
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    MP recruiting 2017/18/19

    VOT Message should be out with what trades are open for this F/Y.
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    MP recruiting 2017/18/19

    There is really no harm in asking,  things have definitely softened up since I did BMQ.  There are folk here on my MP QL3 that recently finished BMQ and they put requests in to attend family birthdays during their indoc period and actually got the time off for it.  Absolutely BLEW my mind, as I...
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    MP recruiting 2017/18/19

    and so it begins... My Military Police career, first day of OJT is half over and I haven't pissed anyone off yet.
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    Exactly,  we have a Pilot here at my unit.  CF-18 and Solo Snowbird.  Definitely north of 6 feet and lanky.  It may have been someone who shouldn't have given you their opinion at the time.
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    Toronto police ramp up patrols near CN Tower over 'potential risk'

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    MP recruiting 2017/18/19

    Is there anyone else on here that is loaded on the August 1st QL3?
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    DND: Opportunity to provide information.

    Though I have not been through a situation like this,  I can tell you that each situation is looked at individually and on it's own merits.  There's no real way of knowing what the recruiters will decide until you provide all the information and go through the process. I know this is not the...
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    WEng87 >> WatchDog87

    With the impending Career/Trade change, I thought a name change was also in order as I step away from my beloved Weapons Engineering world. If anyone has an issue with the new name, let me know.
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    The Military Police [MP] Superthread

    Yeah, things have changed for me.  Got the Course Loading message today for MP QL3 Serial 0034, 1 Aug - 12 Dec 2018. only 12 guys on the message though, but I'm thinking the message only includes VOT/CT members and not Direct Entry.
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    Maj (Retd) Duncan Lyon, padre

    Rest Easy Padre.
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    The Military Police [MP] Superthread

    Through the Grape Vine, they were having some staffing issues at the CFMPA.