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    Canadian Federal Budget 2014 (11 Feb 2014)

    Agreed. Imagine the folks in Cold Lake, maybe expecting to get out of there this APS for a better place, with the prospect of "you're staying another year"...
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    Are personal circumstances taken in to consideration when being assigned a base?

    Although everything is possible, you have to realize that you start on the wrong foot by trying to get in and hope to go where you want. Nobody at the recruiting center will be impressed if you start mentioning I wish to stay close to home ...if you get in, you go to basic training, then trade...
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    Memo to seek autorization for PT outside the system

    Well, It's not for me, as I do PT with the unit. Just trying to help somebody, but trying to get the reference first. I just remember reading a paragraph (requires CO's approval) in former unit orders about it. Haggis, you're basically saying exactly what was stated in the orders I remember...
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    Memo to seek autorization for PT outside the system

    Hi, I remember reading some unit orders that specified that if the member wanted to do PT outside the base (there was a list of approved activities) and make it count for unit PT (and be covered in case of injury), the member had to submit a memo to the CoC, in order to get it approved. Now...
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    How to get rid of old DEU items properly?

    Thanks to you both! Have a great day, Delavan
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    How to get rid of old DEU items properly?

    Hi, Question here for our residents Supply experts! Doing some cleanup at my place right now. I have quite a bit of old DEU dress shirts/pants that I don't wear anymore (original sizing from basic training days). I ordered several new pieces of DEU gear on Logistik Unikorps throughout the...
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    CANFORGEN on Pay and PIL

    I noticed today it's showing on my end-of-april pay statement on EMAA. I'm in Saint-Jean, Qc.
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    CANFORGEN on Pay and PIL

    Although I did read thru the whole topic, I managed to miss the one relevent post answering my question :-[ Let me facepalm myself :facepalm:
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    CANFORGEN on Pay and PIL

    Georges, What I get from this email/link you got is that the Public Service got their payments somewhat quickly and flawlessly on average. Do we know how long they waited after they submitted their paperwork until they got their payments? It would be nice to get an update on the MIL side of...
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    Sustaining Canadian Military Intelligence Capability (from: The Defence Budget)

    Meanwhile, in the USA. Reproduced under the Fair Dealing provision of the Copyright Act (from Strategy page, not sure of the accuracy of infos posted on that site): December 17, 2012: The CIA has persuaded Congress to rein in Department of Defense plans to increase the number of its...
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    Nursing officer initial posting

    Babycake, Keep in mind that on almost every military bases there is either a "base hospital" or a dedicated medical section. If not, or after hours, there is an deal with some local hospital to provide support. So if you don't mind going places, you'll be served. Start googling to look at...
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    Nursing officer initial posting

    Well, I'm not part of the medical corps, but basically, you have no input on where you'll actually be posted after basic training. A lot of new members are expecting (I call that wishful thinking) that they'll be posted close to home/family. It's certainly not the case. You'll most likely go...
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    Queen's Diamond Jubilee Super Thread

    Bieber? Really? OUCH...
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    Promotions in the CAF [Merged]

    Yes, without the rank and pay for now. Like many others actually. At least you have the opportunity to grow with the added responsibilities and "exposure". Wait for the boards results this fall (your ranking on EMAA after the boards), and base your decision on that maybe?
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    Future of the OPME program/Everything you ever wanted to know about OPME

    I just put in for HIE208 Military history today. I also emailed the PLAR section from RMC, trying to figure if they would PLAR a part of HIE208 military history with the distance learning portion of the ILP I did in 2011. Their answer was that because of the cessation (it's their term) of the...