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    Do Canadian soldiers use the PRC 117 radio?

    I have been packing around a 117 and a 148 for the last 9+ months. Both are outstanding pieces of kit. A huge improvment over the 522/521 combo. The only problem I had at this end was finding a decent load carrying system for the 117. Finally got a Mystery Ranch bag and was good to go.
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    Safariland Holsters

    This current deployment has seen me running a 226 in a Safariland drop leg (6004) while out and about and while in garrison in a Serpa (CQC) belt rig. I think I may have to look into I6's UBL system. I dont mind the Serpa for a belt holster but I find the belt paddle digs into and rubs my hip...
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    Sig Op QL3 Cease of Training Rumour???

    I was told by a high ranking Jimmy yesterday that the Op side of the house will become 2 different jobs. IT will become its own animal and operators will revert back to something like Rad Ops. So at the end of your first 4 years you will cease to be a "Communications and Informations System...
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    "The stuff the army issues is useless" and "no non-issue kit over seas!"

    No. I did'nt miss that. It just happened to be first on the list, followed by: BEWs, Holster, Helmet Suspension, Sling, Desert boots......and I'm not gonna start on the TCCCs radios (and lack of a bag that holds them with any comfort while fully kitted.). edit: Some of our issued kit is great...
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    "The stuff the army issues is useless" and "no non-issue kit over seas!"

    If the Tac Vest and issued Biannchi holster equal "best value" Then I think we need to re-define that term. I would'nt presume to go after the CTS folks as I have never done a day in their jobs nor a mile in their shoes. However, I do have to say that it seems to me that the system is very slow...
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    Sig Op QL3 Cease of Training Rumour???

    I just want to know what it means for the damned spec pay... ;D
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    Online "Kit" Websites

    http://www.cabelas.com/prod-1/0034805516987a.shtml Google : "tent cot" or "cot tent" has anyone here dealt with DS Tactical in terms of their mil discount? The site says you need to provide your mil ID but that's hard to do from Pet.....or Afgh. ;D
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    Sig Op QL3 Cease of Training Rumour???

    Send him over to my LAV to see my job. Maybe they will start teaching some combat training at CFSCE. ;)
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    Sig Op QL3 Cease of Training Rumour???

    Although it would mean I would never get posted to the school.  ;D
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    Sig Op QL3 Cease of Training Rumour???

    I hate being away as much as the next guy (maybe more as my wife is also in so we're apart twice as much) but i still support cetralized training at a school. I have found over the yers that the areas/Bdes all do things differently. I think that if we stopped training together that it would just...
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    Skydex Helmet Pad Kit - LOTS of pictures

    Host the pics on a host site such as www.imageshack.us , then copy the url that says something like "direct link to image" (found at bottom of the page), then come back to this site and paste that url in between . That should show your pics. I for one would like to see how you placed your pads.
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    CANSEC 2008

    I was stuck doing pre-deployment training. Grrrr. Looks like a good show. Maybe in '09 or '10 I'll get to finaly see it in person.
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    MND on The National

    While I dont give a damn if they give me a numeral or not for my subsequent tours (hell I dont even really neeed the medal in the first place), the way he phrashed his answer sounded as though he was telling the woman that her son was awarded a numeral for his susequent tours in Afghanistan...
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    MND on The National

    My wife (Who is in the service as well) was dissapointed in his answer to the concerned mother about her son's multiple tours. She asked "what soldiers got besides their nightmares in recognition of mulitiple tours". His reply was that we got medals and numerals on those medals when we did more...
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    Thanks gents.