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    Problems and Bugs

    I'm suggesting he put a little box next to the missions that allows you to put in the number of times you want to complete the mission. Sort of like the QM thingy.
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    Problems and Bugs

    I'm trying to get my moral to go up. I am very impatient. So I click the conduct mission button a million times. Seems after I've done this, my moral goes down. It's gone down from around 270 to 203. Can you fix this? Also, make a conduct mission several times button thingy. If my mission takes...
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    Stacking Maximums

    Way ahead of you all  ;D
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    can i bring bible and read it in military school or base

    There will be a background check and the whole works. The process will probably be lengthy. I guess you can consider that a waiting period. :P
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    Afghan Ops Contest: Play and win a LMF II Infantry Knife! ($169 MSRP)

    If I don't win I'm burning the site down by lighting my computer on fire. I'm not joking either. Your move. :threat:
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    The Manly Thread

    As I was walking towards one of my classes, some dude held a door for me. I punched him in the face and told him to grow a pair. He thanked me, inciting my rage. He's in the hospital. Then I went to class, and gave a lecture. After class, I drove home in my ferrari and slept with my 10 super...
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    Problems and Bugs

    When you do medals, are they cumulative or...? Medal X gives you 15% more A. Medal Y gives you 20% more A. Medal Z gives you 25% more A I activate all of them at once, cause I'm totally badass like that. So is it (((((A *(1.15))*(1.20))*(1.25))) or whatever combination or is it (A*1.60)? Thanks
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    Problems and Bugs

    Oh my gawd!! :o
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    Problems and Bugs

    When is the last piece of equipment available? I'm above level 150 and I'm missing one piece of item for my level 5 'unique equipment owned' medal. Is this an error or...?
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    Milpoints Stats Bugs

    That post should be in the 'bugs and problems' thread in the Afghan Game subforum.
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    Introducing Morale

    I think there should be a bigger moral return for doing high CR missions. No kidding my moral was staying so low, all I kept getting was +2 moral for every high profile mission I did, of which I could only do 4 a day. Then I would lose +40 moral over night :P.
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    Afghan Ops Contest: Play and win a LMF II Infantry Knife! ($169 MSRP)

    I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!! BRING IT  :threat: edit: Can someone clarify this? Among the top 10, the winner is chosen at random? Or is it among all?
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    __Another kid hoping for some advice__

    No, because this seems to be something that is forced onto you. As an individual, I have no idea. It is not right for your parents to tell you what to do with your life, at this point. You do realize that you are basically signing away the next decade of your life, to please your parents? If...