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WTS: RG Relesable Soft/Hard Armour Carrier w/Lvl IIIA Concealment Cut Amour


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Up for sale is a near brand new condition releasable soft/hard armour carrier. Made by ICE Tactical, and was the prototype to their new RMAC line.

This was made for me by ICE, and fits concealment cut police armour, and it will also take SAPI plates. It's sized Med-Lg (I'm a 46 and I fit in it just fine). It has an internal and external cummerbund, with adjustable shoulders, and secures to the front with a flap. There are also zip pockets on the cummerbund itself.

The carrier will also come with the Lvl IIIA armour that it was designed to fit, it's an old armour, and is not guaranteed to work.

PM for pictures. Asking $250 shipping not included and PayPal + 4%. I have to sell it so I can fix my car... sorry guys no trades either.

Thanks for looking!