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"With A Few Guns: The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery in Afghanistan Vol 1 2002-2006 - Call for photos


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To any gunners or anyone else who was in Afghanistan

We are still searching for extra photos to consider for inclusion in the book "With A Few Guns: The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery in Afghanistan, Volume 1" which covers the period from Operation APOLLO in 2002 to TF 3-06 at the end of 2006.

Please note that in order to be useful, we need photos which are:

1) taken by the individual submitting them so that we have the permission to use their copyrighted material - we currently have hundreds of photos but no idea who took them and as such can't use them; and

2) sent to us no later than Monday October 18th so that they can be submitted to the publisher.

If you have pictures that you would like to submit, message me and I will give you an email address to send them to or our project's Google Site to upload them to.

We are particularly looking for pictures of the following:

1) pictures of STA equipment in use such as Sperwer, ARTHUR and Skylark;

2) pictures of guns and mortars in action - preferably firing - whether on predeployment training or in Afghanistan;

3) pictures of FOOs or FACs/JTACs preferably working from a LAV or dismounted on operations;

4) Photos of gunners in general

a) Gunners on the gun line, stacking and preparing ammo, firing guns, firing mortars, repairing equipment
b) Gunners out with OMLT or PRT
c) Gunners in an FSCC, ASCC, STACC
d) Gunners in LAV’s, command post vehicle at gun Troop
e) Gunners deploying met balloons and setting up the surveillance equipment
f) Gunners patrolling in Kandahar.
g) Gunners R&R at Kandahar FOB or in troop areas. Just to show they weren’t
always fighting.

5) Bigger photos (not necessarily showing gunners)
a) pictures of FOBs showing gun positions but also the whole base and
surrounding area. To give readers a sense of the country and close-in nature of
the buildings adjacent to FOB.
b) Gunner convoy on the roads moving to an FOB or somewhere. again preferably showing the closeness or vast openness or ruggedness of the terrain
c) Guns in silhouette sunsets, sunrises, with gunners visible if possible.

6) Supporting fire directed by gunners.
a) Hellfire strike.
b) Apache on a firing run.
c) Low altitude jet attacking with rockets, bombs, whatever.

7) Supporting equipment

a) Chinook delivering ammo or lifting a gun

b) Combat logistics patrol delivering ammo to a gun position

We would appreciate as much detail about the picture as possible but, quite frankly, just identifying which roto it was taken on will be sufficient.

Cheers and thanks
My copy should be arriving on Friday. I'm looking forward to seeing a bit more behind the curtain than we saw as Jr pers at the time.
"With A Few Guns: The Royal Regiment of Artillery in Afghanistan - Volume 1 2002-2006" is now available in paperback form at Amazon.ca. It will follow in eBook format in due course. All profits are going to the Royal Canadian Artillery Association.

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I'll never forget when we were moving the guns from Wilson to Soja how cool it was to watch them operate and fire the guns. It really was something for a desert sailor to witness.

I'll be picking up a copy!
I just received a copy, looking forward to reading it.

Are you still looking for people to interview for the second volume?
I just received a copy, looking forward to reading it.

Are you still looking for people to interview for the second volume?
Yes we are. I've already written my portion on 2007 but could always use some more and Mark Zuehlke is working flat out on 2008 to the end. If you'd like to participate drop @Petard and I a quick PM with the dates and units you were deployed with - or any of your friends for that matter - and we'll get it set up.

"With A Few Guns Volume 1" is now available at Amazon in Kindle format for 9.99.