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what are the career paths as a logistics officer?


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There seem to be a lot of specialties for logistics officers but I cant find a lot of info about them. Forces.ca says "Logistics Officers may be offered the opportunity to develop specialized skills through formal courses and on-the-job training."

What courses do logistics officers frequently do, and what skills are they evaluated on, and how do their responsibilities change over the course of a career?
Not sure if there are any LogO's on here, if not you may want to swing by a CFRC and ask to speak with a LogO. Not sure if it's still active, but there used to be a listing in a internal site called "recruiter for a day" of individuals in each occupation that would be willing to speak with someone wanting to join the CAF in their particular occupation.
After BMOQ, you will be on BTL at your first posting and wait to go to the common logistics course, followed by the element logistics course (Army, Navy, or Air Force). In between courses you can be on taskings or OJT (On the Job Training). You should be able to talk to the BTL officer or Training Coordinator what specialization you're interested in. After your common and element courses, you'll be able to select specialization courses (except Navy where Finance and Supply courses are required). That's the gist of it.