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Unhappy about the canadian military? let the MND or PM know!!!!!



It cant hurt, let your friends and family know, it might make a difference!
It could be seen as sedition if you are a member of the Canadian Forces and you are activley stirring up controversy, and you could get in big trouble; best keep your sorrows on the Internet.

Since armies were invented there has been soldiers who are concerned about the state of affairs. In a modern democratic society, the freedom to express your views is a democratic right and therefore cannot be seen as sedition, which is incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority. As a soldier you pay taxes and are represented by an MP. It is your right to tell your representative your opinions and truly, if you see the chain of command failing, this is a check and balance.

True, overt or loud callings may not be the wisest career move, but scare tatics like "keep you mouth shut or we will brand you a traitor" do nobody any good and went the way of nazi Germany and communist Russia.
When you join the Canadian Forces you will learn that it is an offense under the National Defence Act to organize a party or group of people against your superiors. Even signing a petition can get you into some serious ****, and we have addressed this issue on this site.
Now I am not talking about silencing all opposition, but the way in which Se7en puts his plea could put a soldier at odds with the law.
All members of the CF have the right to communicate with the Member of Parliament that represents their home constituency.

Communication directly with either the Minister, or the Prime Minister is OK -- if he/she is your member of parliament. If not, it could reasonably be seen as circumventing the chain of command.
True, Se7en had two points, contact your government and your get your friends/family to contact the government. It might be splitting hairs or a question of semantics, but his original point in the header was not to organize but to express an opinion, which as stated is his right to do ie. your MP.

However as it was written it could be construed in a few ways, one of which was to, in a fashion, organize and albeit I jumped on it, I did mention that career-wise, it might not be the best course of action.

I also believe that the spirit of the original post was one of lack of governmental funding as it was addressed to this audience, which, if anything can only help the CF, however I suppose this is academic to the arguement.

Why did I jump on it?...bored of TV, not tired and looking to pick a fight via the internet, good on ya for replying. That about kills the dead horse, yes?

let eggelton hear ya at eggelton.a@parl.gc.ca :tank:
You can find your MP‘s Email address at:

the only requirment is that you know your postal code.

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