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Trades Acceptable for Pilot Transfer

AES op, not AEC op.  Airborne Electronic Sensor Operator (AES OP). (boy I hope I didn't get that wrong)


To answer your question about AECs flying, as far as I have learned, only Air Weapons Controllers have the opportunity to fly on AWACS.  Canada doesn't have any so it would be with the Americans or with NATO(not sure if those are the only two opportunities). 

Here is an awesome website about the postings and jobs available to AECs

Pusser said:
Restricted release?  Please explain.  :pop:

As in the day of my wings grad, though prior to receiving the wings, I had to sign new TOS stating that, barring a medical release or other extraordinary circumstance, I am obliged to remain in the Air Force for 7 years from that date.

There are some people who have a problem with it, I did not as I enjoy what I do and have no intentions on going anywhere else

Also for any other questions related to entry plan, I joined under DEO.  I had a VIE of 9 years, none of which was obligatory, prior to wings I could have VR'd at any time.  The entry plan makes no difference for the 7 years though, it's MOC training that this particular 7 years is for, and as mentioned it is sitting there on my MPRR next to my wings grad date, and above uniform in the Military Data section.
Yeah I just noticed it on my MPRR, which is interesting because I'm a long way from wings - somebody transposed my change of uniform date to my wings grad date.  I've had wings for a year and didn't even know it!

Should probably get that straightened out, although it's a nice fantasy seeing RR expire before both my 20yr IE and obligatory service...

In reality the RR should go up to about exactly my contract expiry so no big deal.