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It should be noted that pixie dust is also the favoured propellant for use in the 5.56 NATO-Standard Mk2 Mod3 "Militia Round" favoured for use in the Reserves, particularly among recruit training platoons. The actual bullet material is still considered to be classified beyond top secret, as both it and the casing appear to have incorporated stealth technology into it‘s construction, and exhibits a reduced sound signature in level with a quiet yell from serving pers sounding like a low decibel "BANG" sound.
Supposedly, the Chinese and Russians are going mad trying to secure an non-fired example of this highly renown Canadian technology, as it has near-magical abilities to kill any and ALL forces it is fired at no matter their protective cover and/or presence of body armour.
Truly a marvelous piece of Canadian technical know-how and ingenuity, brought to you by the good folks at Bombardier.
I put a silencer on my C-7 when I use Militia rounds and it makes a "Pfftt" sound, the enemy haybales never hear me coming.

reminds me of hunting prairie chicken with blanks and cleaning rods to try and supplement our IMP s
Dont know how I lived through the " full of p!ss and vinegar " days

Perchance any time in Third herd? :p

The prairie chicken story sounds VERY familiar, any WX rabbit stories? :eek:

UBIQUE, helmets on :warstory: